Hot Slot

Game Introduction:

This game has up to 5 sets of reels playing simultaneously. Each set of reels are in a 5x3 reel matrix.

How to play:

Select your stake:

To adjust the STAKE, use the '+' and '-' buttons to increase or decrease the size of your stake per line.

Win lines:

The default win line selection is 10 win lines.

The win lines are not adjustable in this game.

Start the game:

Press SPIN to initiate the game.


All line win amounts are shown in the games pay table as multiplier values.
These can be viewed by pressing the "i" button.

The Hot Slot:

The Hot Slot pays at over 100%.
The game operates 5 sets of reels which all run in parallel. One of these five slots is selected to be the Hot Slot randomly by the game.
The Hot Slot remains hot until the countdown completes or 'Reset Hot Slot' is selected.
The Hot Slot chosen by the game will average over 100% return. Each individual game on the Hot Slot runs a mathematical model designed to exceed 100% return in the long term.
The relative ranking is shown between each game. #1 ranking does not indicate the Hot Slot. The relative ranking is based on accumulated wins over a single countdown period.

Big Bet Games:

A Big Bet game consists of 5 linked spins of the reels.

A reduced number of reels are played increasing the chance of selecting the Hot Slot.

The expected return for this game is 95.00%

This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated and verified by an independent testing company.

Malfunction voids all pays and play.