Micro Knights

Key Features




Cluster of minimum 5 symbols


7 reels


7 rows

Hit frequency

36.9 %


Micro Knights

Betting Strategies

Many players change bet size based on the outcome of previous game play; this can be done automatically with Betting Strategies.

1. A Betting Strategy is a predefined betting pattern that automatically changes the bet level depending on a set of rules.

2. A player can change or turn off the Betting Strategy after any bet. 3. Auto Spin works in combination with Betting Strategies.

4. Activate a Betting Strategy by selecting bet base level and a strategy. Then press Spin button.

5. The Betting Strategy does not change the theoretical outcome of the game.

6. Optimizer adjusts the bet up or down to the closest bet level below the selected
%. It remains active on the lowest bet level.

7. Betting Strategies are listed in the paytable.

Game Rules 

1. Micro Knights is a 7 columns, 7 rows slot with dropping symbols and cluster wins.

2. The game offers 12 bet levels for each currency.

3. Each bet is 100 coins.

4. A winning cluster consists of 5 or more identical, connected symbols.

5. A cluster of symbols have to connect either vertically or horizontally, or be combined with symbols from the queue.

6. A game round starts on the selected bet level when the player hits the Spin button.

7. The game can be played automatically by activating Auto Spin. Hold down the Spin button or use the Auto Spin button to set the number of game rounds to be played automatically.

8. Winnings and winning combinations are paid out according to the Paytable.

9. Winnings are presented in the player's currency or in coins. The player can change preference in Settings.

10. Micro Knights is played in two modes; Normal mode and Bonus mode with free drops.

11. Winning clusters are removed and new symbols are added to fill the empty spaces.

12. A wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except the bonus symbol.

13. A row of symbols from the symbol grid might be moved to the queue when there are no additional winning combinations. Symbols are added to the queue from right to left and symbols of the same type are grouped together.

14. The row whose symbols can be moved to the queue is indicated by the Charging Knight. When he has performed his action, the Charging Knight moves up a row until he reaches the top and then he starts to move down. He then starts moving up again once he has reached the bottom row.

15. Bonus and wild symbols can not be added to the queue.

16. Symbols in the queue are used from left to right and connect with symbols on the symbol grid to form winning clusters.

17. Symbols in the queue can connect to a cluster or create a cluster if the total number of connecting symbols on the symbol grid and in the queue is 5 or more.

18. Symbols in the queue can contribute to several clusters in the same symbol drop.

19. Symbols remain in the queue until they can contribute to a winning cluster, until Bonus mode is triggered, or until the end of the game round.

20. The size of all symbol groups present in the queue can randomly be increased by one.

21. Each symbol in a winning cluster contributes to fill the meter to the right of the symbol grid. Wild symbols and symbols from the queue only counts once.

22. When the meter is full, a flag feature is awarded and the meter is reset.

23. When there are no more winning combinations to pay out, all collected flag features are played in the order they were awarded.


25. Flag feature: INFERNO
All low-value symbols are removed from the symbol grid.

26. Flag feature: EXTRA WILDS
3-15 wild symbols are randomly placed on the symbol grid.

27. Flag feature: SUPER SIZE
A big symbol of size 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 is randomly placed to the symbol grid, generating a winning cluster.

28. Flag feature: CHARGE
2-5 rows from the symbol grid are moved to the queue. The selection of the rows follow the movement behaviour of the Charging Knight.

29. Flag feature: EPIC CHARGE
All rows from the symbol grid are moved to the queue. The order of the moved rows follows the Charging Knight's movement behaviour.

30. Flag feature: BOOSTED QUEUE
All symbols in the queue, independent of each other, can connect with the symbols on the symbol grid to form winning clusters.

31. 3 bonus scatter symbols trigger free drops bonus game, with 5 free drops.

32. Free drops bonus game starts when there are no more winning combinations and when all awarded flag features have been played.

33. Free drops bonus game start with an empty meter and an empty queue.

34. The queue and the meter are persistent between all free drops in an ongoing free drops bonus game.

35. Free drops bonus game ends when no free drops remain or when the maximum win has been reached.

36. Winnings are paid out at the end of the bonus game.

37. No bets can be changed during an ongoing game round.

38. The theoretical payout (RTP) in Micro Knights is 96.0%

39. The game has a maximum win of 250 000 coins.

40. In the event of malfunction all bets and wins are void.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (or currency equivalent. Other Operator limits may apply).

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