Gears Of Fortune

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Gears Of Fortune

Gears of Fortune combines luck and skill as you collect symbols to win a prize of up to £1,000 based on a bet of only £1. Avoid the Hazards that will kill your Fortune!

Gears of Fortune is played subject to these Rules set out below as well as the Bornlucky Terms and Conditions (you can find them in the Menu), which will apply to any situations not covered by these Rules but, in the event of any inconsistency, the Gears Of Fortune rules will prevail. By playing Gears Of Fortune you agree to be bound by these Conditions and the Bornlucky Terms and Conditions.


Before you start you have to define how much you want to bet. Define an amount and click the round "Start" button in the middle of the wheel. The paytable on the left will tell you how much you can win by collecting which symbols.

The wheel will now display 38 symbols from the following sets:

Image On the Wheel Description Payout
Set 1 2x Set 1

2 symbols of this type are needed

Set 2 3x Set 2

3 symbols of this type are needed

Set 3 4x Set 3

4 symbols of this type are needed

Set 4 5x Set 4

5 symbols of this type are needed

Hazard 12x Hazard

5 symbols of this type will make you lose the game

Key 12x Key

Each of these symbols will unlock a jackpot question

(Payouts are in % of your bet)

The wheel can be stopped by pressing "Stop" or waiting 10 seconds. Please note that the timing for when you hit "Stop" has no impact on which symbol gets selected, the wheel will always run out to the symbol determined by the Random Number Generator.

When the wheel stops, the arrow on the inner wheel will tell you which symbol you've collected. That symbol will be removed from the wheel and result in one of the following actions:

  • A hazard symbol - this will be added to the hazard set at the bottom of your screen. If you collect 5 Hazard symbols, the game ends.
  • A symbol of set 1-4 - the cash cog will fly to its position. If you complete a set, the game will end and you will be paid the corresponding payout.
  • If you collect a Key symbol, you will be led to a question screen.
  • Each question has two possible answers. Answer correctly and a random “Jackpot Gear“ will be selected
  • Collect three different versions of each cog to win each jackpot.

After each action is completed, you need to spin the wheel again.

The maximum payout (meaning the aggregate winnings including returned stakes) for Gears Of Fortune for any one 24-hour period to any individual customer (including any other person accessing Gears Of Fortune using your user identification or to any group of customers acting together) is £100,000.

The draws take place 'on demand'. Therefore, notwithstanding anything in the Bornlucky Terms and Conditions, you will not receive a confirmation message in order for your bet to be valid.

At the beginning of every game the pool of Jackpot Cogs contains 1000 cogs. Jackpot cogs can be won by answering questions correctly after stopping the wheel on the key symbol. There are twelve differing types of jackpot cogs that can be won which belong to four differing sets of cogs (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

In each set, the rarity of the cogs will be different (see the table below). In each set the cogs are numbered from 1 to 3, as indicated by stars on the cog. At the start of the game, 1000 cogs are randomly distributed in line with the numbers indicated in the table. For example, for the platinum set there will be three types of cog. In total there would be 67 platinum cogs. The distribution of these cogs will be uneven. 33 of one type, 33 of another type and 1 of another type. We will distinguish these types by randomly assigning either 1, 2 or 3 stars to each cog type. Each game the rarest cogs in each set may have a differing number of stars on it. This does not affect the odds of winning the game.

If a jackpot cog in a set has already been previously collected, all other gears of that particular type will be transformed into "Bonus Boosters". If you collect a Bonus Booster, all Jackpots increase by a set amount.

Bronze 1 Bronze 2 Bronze 3
Amount in pool Payout Bonus Boosters Increase
2500% 500pp
Silver 1 Silver 2 Silver 3
Amount in pool Payout Bonus Boosters Increase
5000% 500pp
Gold 1 Gold 2 Gold 3
Amount in pool Payout Bonus Boosters Increase
10000% 1000pp
Platinum 1 Platinum 2 Platinum 3
Amount in pool Payout Bonus Boosters Increase
100000% 10000pp
(Payouts are in % of your bet. Bonus Boosters increases are in percentage points.)

For example: You're betting £1. If you find "Silver 1" and then a Bonus Booster we increase all Jackpots by £5, £5, £10 and £100 respectively.

After each question phase (regardless whether you've won a Cash Cog or not) the wheel needs to be spun again - Unless you've won, of course.

Odds and Paytable

Gears of Fortune is a game of chance with skill elements. Depending on how many questions you answer correctly you'll receive different average payouts.

The following table describes your average payout based how many questions you will answer correctly. Keep in mind that even by pure guessing you will get an average 50% of your answers correctly.

Your average Return to Player will be:

Correct Questions % of bet
100% 84%
75% 66%
50% 54%


The questions for Gears Of Fortune are selected from a pool of 15000 questions. If you're playing as a guest only a subset of 1000 questions is used. All Questions have 1 correct answer and 3 incorrect answers, of which only one will be displayed, chosen by random.

If you find a question unclear or the answer is incorrect, please contact our support team.

Interrupted play

We know that internet connections can sometimes be unreliable or something can interrupt the game. We try to make this as fair as possible to you. For example, if you run out of battery while playing or you've reached your personal daily time limit, when you return, the game will start at the point you left.

However, during a question phase, we'll have to assume you didn't answer it in time. All other phases are safe for a short break.

But we do ask you to finish any game you have started within 24 hours or we will mark your game as abandoned and you will lose your stake.

Demo Play

The Operator's Demo Mode games are a sample of the Play for Real version. They play with the exact same rules and random number generator. Demo Mode versions of games allow you to play for "fun money" that has no financial value.

Gaming System Malfunction

The Operator reserves the right to withhold winnings and void wagers if a Player manipulates the games in a fraudulent manner or the Gaming System itself malfunctions. The definition of such a malfunction extends to an error in the published odds or pay tables, or a game not working in accordance with its published rules.

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