Super 7 Reels

The Game


Return to Player (RTP)

This game is regulated by THE ONLINE GAMBLING REGULATION ACT 2001 of the Isle of Man. The expected return to player (RTP) is 96.00%. This RTP represents the long term theoretical game payout.
You prefer the more classical game? Super7Reels combines a modern design with traditional symbols. You can achieve gigantic multiple wins with its stacked symbols and special winning formula.

How To Play

Super7Reels is a 5-reel/5-line game. Stakes range from €0.05 to €10.00.
Clicking on the SPIN button starts the game after deducting the stake. The AUTOSTART button (lower left-hand side) can automatically start games using the same stake.
Malfunction voids all plays and pays.


There are a total of five paylines. Each payline is calculated after the reels have come to a stop. All wins are paid in accordance with the pay table. All pays are for wins on lines played on consecutive reels read left to right, right to left, and down the middle. The highest win will be paid for each payline, in each direction. Coinciding wins on different paylines are added together to give the final result.
All wins and winning combinations are shown in the pay table.


The scatter symbol STAR is exempt from the payline rule. STAR symbols can win independently of their position on the reels; only the number of STAR symbols counts for a win.
Scatter wins are paid in addition to other winning lines.


Choosing the betting stake

The stake can be set using the -/+ buttons on the stake coin (on the lower right-hand side of the screen); the maximum stake can be selected by using the MAX BET button. The stake is deducted from the DEPOSIT account and displayed under BETS.

Starting the Game

Single Start

On clicking the SPIN button the reels start to spin and a single game begins.


By clicking the AUTO START button the automatic start mode is called up. The games begin to start automatically, one after the other. AUTO START is stopped by clicking the button again.
The number of games to be played using AUTO START can be set using the ◄/► buttons. The current number of games still to be played will be displayed between the ◄/► buttons.

The Reels come to a standstill

The reels automatically stop one after the other from left to right.

Calculating the Reel Positions

Winnings are paid out according to the pay table. The pay table can be called up by clicking on the PAYTABLE button. All paylines are individually calculated. Only the highest win per line counts. Wins on different lines, as well as Scatter wins, are added together to give the final result.

On Winning

On winning, apart from simply cashing in the winnings, there are two possibilities to gamble (the card gamble and ladder gamble).


The card gamble is chosen by clicking the GAMBLE button marked with clubs symbol, and the ladder gamble is selected by clicking the GAMBLE button marked with ladder symbol.


The COLLECT button cashes in your winnings. The winnings are booked to the WINS counter and then credited to the DEPOSIT account.

Risk Possibilities

Card Gamble

With the card gamble you bet on the colour of the next card. You can bet on red or black with the corresponding buttons. Winnings are doubled if the colour of the card drawn matches your choice. This is possible until a maximum of 140.00.

Partial Collect

By clicking the COLLECT HALF button the stake for the card gamble will be halved or, in the case of the ladder gamble, lowered by one step, and the saved stake will be booked as winnings.


The COLLECT button cashes in your winnings. The winnings are booked to the WINS counter and then credited to the DEPOSIT account.

Pay table

By clicking on the PAYTABLE button the pay table is called up. Clicking the button again returns you back to the game. The pay table displays the winnings for the current stake.

Buttons and functions

Buttons and functions: In Common
Buttons and functions: On Winning
Buttons and functions: Ladder Gamble
Buttons and functions: Card Gamble

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