Snakes and Ladders Deluxe

Snakes & Ladders Feature

  • During the feature, press the Dice button to roll the two dice and move around the board.
  • Landing at the base of a ladder will move you up to the top of the ladder whilst landing on the head of a snake will move you to the tail end of the snake.
  • Continue moving around the board until you land on an award; this is your prize! (All values displayed on the board are multipliers of the Bet value).
  • Landing on an award using a 'double number' will double the prize. (Including Jackpot)

Jackpot Repeat Chance

  • A Repeat Chance is offered when the Jackpot is won.
  • Press the 'Start' button to stop the rotating 11and11 awards.
  • Landing on11will award the Jackpot (or double Jackpot) prize again.
  • Landing on 11will end the game.
  • All Repeats are paid within the same 'game' as the original Jackpot and, as such, no credit is taken.
  • The maximum number of possible Repeats is nine. If this is reached, no more Repeat Chances will be offered.

Return to Player

  • This game is random. The expected return for this game is 95.01%
  • © 2012 Realistic Games Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • REALISTIC GAMES (UK00003141710) is a registered trademark of Realistic Games Ltd. 

Setting auto-play

  • This settings page allows you to set some parameters during auto-play.
  • Number of auto-play games: Choose the number of games to play (10, 25, 50 or 100).
  • Maximum Loss: Set the maximum loss during the auto-play games.
  • Stop when any win equals or exceeds: Choose a win value to stop the auto-play games.
  • If any of these parameters is reached or exceeded the auto-play games will stop.
  • The Start button will light when a permissible combination of settings has been met.
  • Note: Some auto-play options are mandatory for some jurisdictions

Setting bet values

  • This settings page displays a grid of bet values that are available for the given game. The current bet value is highlighted. Tap a different bet value to select it. Tap the back button to return to the game. This bet value is the total bet per game.
  • Where applicable, banking functions may also link from this page.

Additional Information

  • The following information may be subject to further terms, conditions or processes of the gaming site owner.

Incomplete games

  • Incomplete games are stored for up to 7 days. Returning to an incomplete game allows the player to complete the game round. If a game is incomplete for more than the stated time period the game will be auto resolved and any winnings credited to the player’s account.
  • Misuse and malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Screen Saver mode

  • After 30 seconds of inactivity, the display will enter a screen saver mode.
  • The entire game area will be shown from different angles.
  • All buttons remain functional during the screen saver mode.

User Interface

  • Balance and Bet values are visible at all times on the bottom bar.
sett Tap to access settings and game information.
sound Tap to turn sound on or off.
return Tap to return to the games lobby.
r1 The camera will automatically focus on only the relevant game areas.
r2 The camera will show the entire game area.
16:44 A clock is displayed in the game. This clock displays the time as reported by the device upon which the game is played.
2398491874 A Bet ID is displayed in the game. This Bet ID can be used by the gaming site owner to find the specific game round, should clarification be required.

Play the Game

123 Start: Tap to spin the reels at the current bet value.
12234 Auto: Tap to access the auto-play settings page.
122344 Stop: The number of remaining auto-play spins is displayed on the button. Tap to stop auto-play at any time.
During the feature, press the Dice button to roll the two dice and move around the board.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

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