Skulls of Legend

1. Overview

The goal is to obtain a winning combination on a winning line spread across the reels.

Game specifications:



Number of reels


Number of rows


Number of lines

30 (cannot be changed)

Number of coins you can bet per line

1 (cannot be changed)



Double feature


Autospin feature


Wild symbols


Multiplier symbols


Scatter symbols


Bonus round


Free spins


Instant win





45000 coins (1500 coins per line)

The game disconnects if you do not take any actions for a specific number of consecutive minutes (this number varies depending on jurisdiction); the session recovery feature will save the game progress so that the next time the game is loaded, you can continue where you left off.

In the event of technical difficulties resulting a dropped connection to the game server, the game you were playing is saved automatically and will load the next time you establish a connection to the game server. You will not be able to reconnect to the game server for the first 30 seconds after the disconnection.

Note: In case of malfunction all pays and play are voided; any bet that was not yet accepted will be voided, any bet that was unsettled will be refunded.

2. How to Play

Note: If you do not have enough money to play a game, the bet can be set to the minimum selectable amount through a dialog window informing about this.

All winning lines pay from left to right. Wins on different selected lines are all added. Only the highest winning combination on each selected line is paid. Winnings from free spins are added to the total winnings.

Note: On the info bar located under the main game screen, you can view the current Bet, your Balance and your current Win, in your currency, and your current Credit, in coins.

2.1. Flash version

To play, follow these steps:

  1. Use the coin value select buttons 1 to choose a coin value. The coin value select buttons are located on the main game screen under the COIN VALUE box that shows the currently selected coin value.

    Note: The current bet amount, in coins, is displayed in the BET box.

  2. Click 2 to place the bet and spin the reels once.

The total amount won, in coins, according to the paytable, is shown in the WIN box. For each winning combination, the amount won is the amount shown in the paytable for that winning combination.

The total amount won, in your currency, is shown on the info bar (WIN) and is the total amount you won in coins multiplied by the coin value.

3. Special Symbols and Features

3.1. Wild

The Wild symbol replaces any other symbols, except the Scatter symbols, to form winning combinations.

Note: On any reel, only one Wild symbol and one Scatter symbol can appear at the same time.

3.2. Extended Wild (Wild reel)

During normal spins, when Wild symbols appear on a reel, the Wild counter located at the bottom of that reel is incremented by one (the Wilds are collected).

When four Wilds have been collected for a reel, that reel is transformed into a Wild reel (extended Wild). For the next four spins, that Wild reel remains in place and the Wild counter for that reel decreases by one with each spin.

If you win free spins, the Wild reel will not be kept during free spins, but will be back in place when the free spins are over and you can continue as explained if you have any of the four spins left.

Note: Each coin value has its own Wild counters which are saved whenever you change the coin value. The coin value cannot be changed during spins when a Wild reel (an extended Wild) is present.

3.3. Free Spins

Note: At the end of Free Spins, the game returns to the round that triggered Free Spins.

Three or more Scatters anywhere on the reels pay according to the paytable and also trigger the bonus which awards, at random, one of the four types of free spins.

If you win free spins while having a Wild reel, the free spins are played first and then you return to the previous gameplay.

During free spins, Wilds are not collected and any Wild reels are not kept but these will be back in place when the free spins are over, as explained in 3.2. Extended Wild (Wild reel).

Click START automatically, pick the type of the free spins (at random) and then start the free spins.

The following types of free spins are available:

  • Rhum Barrel Free Spins awards 7 Free Spins.

    On any spin, 2 to 5 random symbols can turn into Wild and each Wild will remain in place for the next 3 spins.

  • Compass Free Spins awards 10 Free Spins.

    On any spin, one symbol on the third reel can turn into Wild along with all the symbols in one random direction of the compass.

  • Storm Free Spins awards 14 Free Spins.

    On any losing spin, symbols can rearrange themselves to form at least one winning combination.

  • No Quarter Free Spins awards 15 Free Spins.

    On any spin, 1 to 5 random symbols anywhere on the reels can turn into Wild.

Note: The coin value cannot be changed during the free spins. During free spins, other free spins cannot be triggered.

4. Autospin feature

The loss limit setting allows stopping the autospin feature automatically when the selected limit plus your cumulative winnings minus your cumulative bets is less than 0.

Note: The autoplay feature does not automatically start free spins – player input is required (applies to mobile version only).

4.1. Flash version

Click the AUTO SPIN button 4 to open the AUTO SPIN SETTINGS window where you can set up the autospin feature.

On the AUTO SPIN SETTINGS window, you can set up the following:

  • Loss limit – enter a number for the loss limit value or use the left and the right arrow buttons to select a number for the loss limit value

  • Stop if WIN reaches – to enable this setting, click the button on its left side and then enter a number for the WIN value or use the left and the right arrow buttons to select a number for the WIN value; click the button on its left side again to disable it

  • Stop if JACKPOT is won - (only for games with Progressive Jackpots or with a specific Jackpot value displayed) - to enable this setting, click the button on its left side; click the button on its left side again to disable it

  • Number of AUTO SPINS to play – use the left and the right arrow buttons to select the number of autospins

Click START to close the AUTO SPIN SETTINGS window and start the autospin feature with the currently selected bet and number of autospins or click CANCEL to close the AUTO SPIN SETTINGS window without starting the autospin feature.

Click the STOP AUTOSPIN button 5 to stop the autospin feature at any time.

5. Other game buttons

5.1. Flash version

The following buttons are available:

  • PAYTABLE – click to open the paytable where you can view:

    • information about the payouts for the winning combinations, in coins

    • information about any existing special features or special symbols and their payouts or specific awards

    • the game lines and short game rules

  • 6 – (available only while the reels are spinning) click this button to stop the reels faster

  • 7 – (available during winning animations) click this button to skip winning animations

  • settings window button – in the top-right corner of the main game screen, click the settings button (list symbol) to open the Settings window where you can manage sound volumes, view gameplay history or detailed game rules

    Note: To close the Settings window you can click anywhere on the main game screen or, in the top-right corner of the Settings window, click the return button.

  • sound button - in the Settings window, click SOUND to open the sounds and volume panel where you can use sliders to manage the volume for Effects, Music and General

    Note: To quickly mute or unmute all game sounds, in the Settings window, click the button displayed on the right side of SOUND.

  • rules button – in the Settings window, click RULES to view detailed game rules in a new browser window

  • history button – (in real mode only) in the Settings window, click HISTORY to view the gameplay history

  • full screen button – click the button in the top-left corner of the main game screen to go to full screen mode; to exit full screen, click the button again or press ESC on your keyboard

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