Gods of Olympus

  • Match the symbol patterns to win a prize x your stake in coins.
  • The cash win is your coin win x thecoin value. Most win lines match left to right except free spin and bonus symbols.
  • Activate the bonus round by getting scatter symbols anywhere on the board, the scatter symbol only appears during free spins.
  • The game is based on stakes of coins, and wins shown on the game board are valued in coins - all prizes are awarded as multiples of your coin stake.
  • You can vary the value of a coin and the number of coins staked with the controls on the dashboard; the combination of these two values determines the total value in money of your stake and any winnings on each line.
  • Most win lines are matched left to right so you generally need to get matching symbols in a line from the left to win,the exceptions to this are the scatter wins and the bonus round.
  • A pay line is one of the possible combinations of lines allowed, you can select how many paylines you want to play with the numbers up the right and left of the board.
  • The total stake you will place each spin is the number of win lines played x cash stake per line.
  • You win a prize when one of the paylines you are playing contains one of the symbol combinations listed on the paytable page; you will only be paid for the highest valuewin on this line, i.e. Q Q Q Q 10 only pays for four queens, not also three queens.
  • The wild card canbe used to match any symbol except scatter and free spins; the wild card can act as a differentsymbol on different paylines simultaneously. The wild card will choose to be whichever symbol paysthe highest win.
  • The bonus round is activated as well as any fixed prizes won on win lines. The more bonus round symbols you get in one spin, the more prizes paid will be increased.

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