Niagara Falls



  • Place your bet by choosing a TOTAL STAKE amount.
  • Hit the SPIN button to get the reels spinning. The spin button changes to a stop button when the reels start spinning. Press the STOP button to stop reel spin immediately.
  • To play game without hitting SPIN every time, hit the AUTOPLAY button and set the conditions for auto play. Then CONFIRM. The spin button changes to a STOP button which you can press to stop auto play.


  • If three or more identical symbols are lined up as shown on the PAYLINES section, you have made a winning combination.
  • To calculate a single payline win, count the number of identical symbols lined up from the left. On the PAYTABLE, find the symbol and the award amount for either 3x, 4x, or 5x. Only the highest win per line is paid.
  • To calculate the total win, calculate and add together all payline wins.
  • During AUTOPLAY, payline wins are not individually displayed. All payline wins are added simultaneously and awarded immediately.
  • In the event of a bonus spin round, total win amount from bonus is added to the activating spin.


  • BALANCE: Displays your account balance in your home currency
  • SHAKE: Displays the number of Shakes accumulated per stake
  • TOTAL WIN: Displays the win for the current payout
  • TOTAL STAKE: Displays current stake amount. Press the - or + button to decrease or increase total stake.
  • AUTOPLAY: You can choose to play game without pressing the spin button every time. Click on the autoplay button and set the conditions which you prefer, then Confirm.
  • SPIN: Press button to start a game round. When reels are spinning, button changes to a STOP button. Pressing the STOP button stops the reels.


The reels are spun with a fair and equal chance for each stop position by a certified random number generator


  • If your game is interrupted during play, your progress will be saved so that you may replay the interrupted session or skip the replay when game is reloaded. Either way, your win will be awarded and added to your balance immediately.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays. Only the highest win is paid on each line. All lines pay from left to right. The theoretical return to player is 96.2% Due to the high production values of this game, lower quality hardware may run into performance and compatibility issues. In certain circumstances you may not be able to play the game.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

Last modification date: 6/13/2020