Keno Kick Off

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On the game board, choose between 1 to 10 numbered tiles in the range 1 and 40. The more tiles you choose, the higher the maximum payout becomes.  The potential payouts for a given stake and number of tiles matched are displayed in the payout table in the game. You can simply press Auto Pick to select a set of numbered tiles at random. Before each game you have the option to change the stake value. To set or change your stake click on the orange up or down arrows on the stake area located at the bottom in the centre of the game. Changing your stake will increase or decrease the potential payout of your bet. Press the Play button when you have selected your numbered tiles and stake. Once you bet is accepted the game will randomly draw 10 numbered balls out of a total of 40 balls. As the balls are drawn they will light up the corresponding numbered tile in the game grid. If the number of a drawn ball matches one of your selected numbers your potential payout will light up in the payout table. Once all the balls are drawn the outcome of your bet will be displayed. If you wish to quickly see the outcome of your bet without the balls being drawn one by one, click the “TURBO” button on, which will result in the balls being drawn instantly. If you wish to return to the balls being drawn one by one simple click the “TURBO” button again to switch it off.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000


Last modification date: 6/8/2020