Gods of Rock

Game Rules (4/4/2022)

  1. Gods of Rock! is a video slot with 6 reels and 466 connecting pay The game features Wild symbols, Reel Multipliers, Wild Encore and a Bonus Game with free spins. The theoretical return to player is 96.05%.
  1. A game round is started with the action button and plays the game with the selected bet
  1. Auto play plays the game automatically for the number of game rounds selected in the auto play This feature may not b available.
  1. Al game payout and win combinations are paid out according to the pay
  1. Al wins are presented and paid out in the selected
  1. Only the longest win per connecting pay way is paid out in combinations according to the pay
  1. Symbols included in connecting pay way wins are replaced with dropping symbols and / or existing This continues as long as there is a new connecting pay way win.
  1. The game has two different states of Wild symbols: A Charged Wild and a Regular The Wild symbols substitute for al other symbols.
  1. Reel multiplier: After wins have been evaluated, for each Charged Wild symbol landing on a reel, the corresponding reel multiplier increases one level (up to the maximum multiplier level of 11). Any pay way win containing a symbol included in a ree with a multiplier, wil be multiplied by the current When several reels with multipliers are included in the same win, al multipliers are multiplied by each other. E.g. 2x2x2=8. The pay way win is then multiplied by the product of al multipliers.In the Base game, the reel multiplier is reset between each game round. In the Bonus game, it never resets. The multiplier from the Base game is carried over into the Bonus game.
  1. After increasing the reel multiplier, the Charged Wild symbol wil explode al surrounding symbols in its vicinity (minimum 3 and maximum 8 depending on the position of the Charged Wild symbol) and drop down until it lands on another symbol or reaches the bottom of the Other charged Wild symbols present on the reels wil also explode. The Charged Wild(s) then becomes a Regular Wild(s).
  1. Bonus meter: For each exploded symbol, a level is fil ed in the Bonus meter. When the maximum level is reached, the Bonu game is triggered awarding 8 free The Bonus game wil start when there are no more actions.In the Base game, the Bonus meter is reset between each game round. In the Bonus game, it won't reset until the meter is ful . Each time the meter is fil ed in the Bonus game, the player is awarded with 3 extra free spins.
  1. Wild Encore: The Wild Encore feature is activated when the Wild Encore level is reached in the Bonus meter. When there are no more winning combinations the feature is triggered, randomly placing 1-3 Charged Wild symbols on theIf the Bonus game is triggered while the Wild Encore is active, the Wild Encore feature wil be completed before the Bonus gam starts.
  1. The Bonus Game is played with the same bet as the spin that triggered the Bonus
  1. No bets can be altered during a game
  1. In the event of game malfunction al affected bets and pays are rendered
  1. Al pay way wins during a game round are added and presented at the end of the game
  1. The maximum total bet multiplier for one game round is If this limit is reached the game round wil be terminated an no additional wins wil be paid out.



Last modification date: 7/12/2022