Miss Wildfire

Betting strategies 
Many players change bet size based on the outcome of previous game play; this can be done automatically with Betting Strategies. 
1. A Betting Strategy is a predefined betting pattern that automatically changes the bet level depending on a set of rules. 
2. A player can change or turn off the Betting Strategy after any bet. 
3. Auto Spin works in combination with Betting Strategies. 
4. Activate a Betting Strategy by selecting bet base level and a strategy. Then press Spin button. 
5. The Betting Strategy does not change the theoretical outcome of the game. 
6. Optimizer adjusts the bet up or down to the closest bet level below the selected %. It remains active on the lowest bet level. 
7. Betting Strategies are listed in the paytable.

Game rules 
1. Miss Wildfire is a 6 reels, 4 rows slot with 466 connecting paylines. 
2. The game offers several bet levels for each currency. 
3. Each bet is 100 coins. 
4. Bet lines are paid from left to right. Only the highest win per active bet line is paid out. 
5. A game round starts on the selected bet level when the player hits the Spin button. 
6. The game can be played automatically by activating Auto Spin. Hold down the Spin button or use the Auto Spin button to set the number of game rounds to be played automatically. 
7. Winnings and winning combinations are paid out according to the Paytable. 
8. Winnings are represented in the player's currency or in coins. The player can change preference in Settings. 
9. Miss Wildfire is played in two modes, Normal mode and Bonus mode with free spins. 
10. The Wild symbol appears in Normal mode and Bonus mode and substitutes for any symbol except the Bonus scatter symbol. A payline of all Wild symbols pays as the highest value symbol. 
11. The Wild symbol spreads a wildfire to adjacent LOG symbols turning into Wild symbols to further spread the wildfire. The wildfire can spread horizontally (left, right) and vertically (up, down) to adjacent Log symbols. 
12. The Miss Wildfire symbol is a Wild symbol with a Walking feature. In Normal mode, she triggers a respin and walks one reel to the left which continues until she has left the leftmost reel. When she is active, any reels with a Bonus symbol appearing will be locked from spinning. In Bonus mode, she walks one reel to the left for every free spin. 
13. The Super Miss Wildfire symbol is a super variant of Miss Wildfire with the additional feature of keeping non-burning Log symbols sticky when she is active on the reels. 
14. The Log symbol is a paying symbol. If appearing adjacent to a Wild symbol it will catch fire and become a Wild symbol and may spread the wildfire further to other Log symbols. 
15. 3, 4, 5 or 6 Bonus scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels in Normal mode trigger the Free Spins bonus game awarded with an extra set of 1, 2, 3 or 4 Miss Wildfire symbols respectively, which enters the rightmost reel on the first spin. 
16. Free Spins last until the last Miss Wildfire, or Super Miss Wildfire, has left the leftmost reel. 
17. During Free Spins, landed Log symbols will be collected to a gauge meter, which, when full, awards a Free Spins level up. 
18. At Free Spins level up, the lowest paying symbol (10, J, Q, K, A in that order) will be upgraded to a Log symbol on the reels and a new set of Miss Wildfire symbols enter the rightmost reel. 
19. When last level A has been awarded, no more Log symbols will be collected. 
20. A game round will end if the maximum win is reached. 
21. Winnings are paid out at the end of a game round. 
22. No bets can be changed during a game round. 
23. The theoretical payout (RTP) is 96.1%. 
24. The game has a maximum win of 5,000x the bet. 
25. In the event of malfunction all wins and bets are void. Last updated 2020-12-16

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 2/2/2021