Age of Conquest

Wild Symbol 


 •  The Wild symbol is a wild symbol. 

•  The Wild symbols can appear on any reel. 

•  Wild symbols are available during the base game and the Free Spins feature.

•  The Wild symbol can substitute for all symbols except the Scatter symbol and the Diamond symbol.  

Free Spins 


 •  The Free Spins Scatter symbol is a scatter symbol. 

•  3 Free Spins Scatter symbols pay 2 times total bet and triggers Free Spins. 

•  A choice of three features is offered when entering Free Spins. 

•  Feature 1: 2 Free Spins awarded with 3 Wild Reels. 

•  Feature 2: 8 Free Spins awarded with 2 Wild Reels. 

•  Feature 3: 25 Free Spins awarded with 1 Wild Reel. 

•  During Free Spins, 3 Free Spins Scatter symbols retrigger Free Spins.

•  Depending on the player's selected free spin feature 1 to 3 reels become Wild Reels during Free Spins. 

•  All bets played in Free Spins are the same as the spin that triggered the Free Spins. 

•  Free Spins Scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 

•  The Free Spins Scatter symbol cannot be substituted by any Wild symbol. 

•  Free Spins Scatter wins are added to line wins.  

Diamond Collect 


 •  Each base reel has a Diamond Meter located above the reel. 

•  Whenever a Diamond lands on a base reel it is added to the Diamond Meter above the reel. 

•  Collecting 2 Diamonds in a Diamond Meter triggers the Wild Reel feature on that reel. 

•  Diamonds are not collected on an active Wild Reel. 

•  Diamond Meters persist for each bet level.  

Wild Reel 

•  The Wild Reel feature makes all positions on a reel wild. 

•  Wild Reels are active for 2 wagered spins in base game. 

•  The Wild Reel feature is active for 1 to 3 random reels during Free Spins depending on player's choice. 

•  Free Spins Scatter symbols shine through the Wild Reel.  

Line Payouts 

•  Winnings paid out for a payline are dependent on the symbols displayed on the payline, once the reels have come to a stop. 

•  Line wins are calculated by multiplying the line combination payout by the line bet. 

•  The line bet is total bet divided by number of lines played. 

•  The symbols must be next to each other on a payline to produce a winning line combination. 

•  Payline winning combinations pay out from left-to-right, a winning payline combination must start with the leftmost payline position and continue on adjacent positions on the payline. 

•  Line wins are paid out only on the highest paying combination on each line. 

•  At most 1 winning combination is paid out per payline. 

•  Only the available lines can produce a winning line combination. 

•  You are paid the total of all payline wins that land on a spin. 

•  The number of credits won is dependent on the line bet.  

Game Payouts 

•  Winnings paid out on the slot machine are dependent on the symbols displayed in the reel area, once the reels have come to a stop. 

•  All payout tables display the number of credits that are won for each winning combination. 

•  Malfunction voids all pays and plays.  



•  Main Menu  


•  Return


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•  Increment  


•  Bet  


•  Quick Spin  


•  Mute / Unmute 


•  Responsible Gaming  


•  Player Protection  


•  Loyalty 


•  Game History  


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•  Banking  


•  Settings 


•  Paytable / Information  


•  Help Files  


•  Lobby 


•  Discard 

•  Some of these options may not be available in your location.  

Playing the Game 

•  The objective of the game is to spin the reels so the symbols form winning combinations. The payout is dependent on the winning combinations formed. 

•  Your balance is displayed in credits and is available in the console bar. 

•  Select your bet by tapping the Bet icon or the Bet area. 

•  Select your bet through the Main Menu or on the console bar. 

•  Click spin to start spinning the reels. 

•  Tap spin to start spinning the reels. 

•  If enabled in Settings, you may press spacebar to spin. 

•  Once the reels stop, wins are highlighted if you have a winning combination. You are paid out the win amount as displayed in the win box. 

•  If you do not have a winning combination, the game is completed and you can play again.  

Bet Selection 

•  Select your bet on the console bar with the Increment and Decrement icons, or by clicking the bet area. 

•  You can also select your bet from the Main Menu using the Bet icon. 

•  Select your bet by tapping Bet in the console bar or by tapping the Bet icon.  


•  The Settings panel provides access to multiple game settings. 

•  Some settings may not be available in your location. 

•  To access the Settings panel, open the Main Menu and select the Settings icon. 

•  You can choose which settings to turn on or off. 

•  Intro Screen setting displays the intro screen at startup. 

•  Show Tutorial at Startup setting displays the tutorial on launching the game. 

•  Quick Spin setting increases the speed of the slot reel spin. 

•  All Sounds setting controls all sounds, including game and background sounds. 

•  Game Sounds setting controls console and spin sounds, as well as sounds for winning combinations and sequences. (Only enabled if All Sounds is ON.) 

•  Background Music setting controls background music. (Only enabled if All Sounds is ON.) 

•  Spacebar to Spin setting allows you to spin the reels using your computer's spacebar.  


•  Using Autoplay, you can spin a set number of times in succession without interacting with the game. 

•  A bet amount must be set before starting the Autoplay session, as Autoplay plays with the last bet value. 

•  Autoplay can be stopped at any time. This does not influence the results of the spin. 

•  Win Limit: Sets a win limit for the Autoplay session. Autoplay ends if a single win reaches this amount. 

•  Loss Limit: Sets a loss limit for the Autoplay session. Autoplay ends if the balance decreases by this amount. 

•  Some settings and features may not be available in this game. 

•  Triggering the Free Spin feature will stop Autoplay.  

Return to Player 

•  The Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of the total money bet in a game that is paid out as winnings over time. 

•  This value is fixed and does not change. 

•  This game has an RTP of 96.14%

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

Bet Range

  • Min Bet : €0.20
  • Max Bet : €500

Last modification date: 6/25/2020