Beat the Beast: Quetzalcoatl's Trial

    1. Quetzalcoatl’s Trial is a video slot with 5 reels and 9 pay lines. The game features a Bonus Game with Wild col ect, symbol upgrades and a 5-level free spin mode. The theoretical return to player is 96.16%.
    2. A game round is started with the action button and plays the Game with the selected bet level.
    3. No bets can be altered during a game round.
    4. Auto play plays the Game automatically for the number of game rounds selected in the auto play page.
    5. Al game pay-out and win combinations are paid out according to the Pay Table.
    6. Only the longest win per pay line is paid out, if in sequence from leftmost to right and in combinations according to the Pay Table.
    7. Al pay line and scatter wins during a game round are added and presented at the end of the game round.
    8. Al wins are presented and paid out in the selected currency.
    9. The Quetzalcoatl Emblem symbol is a Scatter and a Wild symbol, and substitutes for any other symbol both in the Base Game and in the Bonus Game. The Quetzalcoatl Emblem symbol can generate both scatter pays and pay line wins, according to the Pay Table.
    10. Wild col ect feature: In the Bonus Game, Orbs are collected from each Wild symbol to fil a symbol meter. Each time a met is fil ed with 5 Orbs, the corresponding symbol is replaced with the next mid-win symbol according to the Pay Table, going fro lowest to highest.

      The Bonus Game consists of a 5-level free spin mode where the player collects Wild symbols in order to level up. When the la symbol meter is filed, all mid-win symbols will turn into the Quetzalcoatl Symbol (the high pay symbol, as per the Pay Table) for the remainder of the Bonus Game and no more collections will happen. Each time a meter is filled the player is awarded with 2 extra free spins.

      For reference, the mid-win symbols are (from lowest to highest) the Cup, the Axe, the Crown and the Quetzalcoatl Statuette.

    11. 3 or more Quetzalcoatl Emblem symbols trigger or retrigger the Bonus Game, awarding 10 new free spins.
    12. The Bonus Game is played with the same bet as the spin that triggered the Bonus Game.
    13. In the event of game malfunction all affected bets and pays are rendered void.
    14. The maximum total bet multiplier for one game round is 5555. If this limit is reached the game round wil be terminated and no additional wins wil be paid out.
    15. The maximum win from a single game is £250,000



Last modification date: 9/2/2020