Mahjong 88

Unfinished Games

If your game round is disrupted, all game information and placed bets are stored until you re-open the game. You may continue your unfinished round from the point of interruption. Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Game Rules

Mahjong 88 is a video slot game played on an 8x8 grid. Symbols are shown in the grid to form winning combinations. Matching symbols appearing in a cluster award a win according to the paytable. A symbol is part of a cluster when horizontally or vertically adjacent to the same symbol. Winning symbols are removed with replacement symbols filling empty spaces. The game continues until no new winning combinations can be created.

Concealed Tiles are blank symbols which will rotate to be revealed as a secret adjacent symbol.

All wins contribute to increasing the Fortune Frog meter. Fully charge the meter with 33 winning symbols. When no new winning combinations are created, 1 of the following effects is triggered:

• Croak - 1 symbol set is chosen, paying scattered.

• Spawn - 1 symbol set is chosen, transforming to another symbol.

• Tongue - 2 edges chosen, symbols between are transformed to another symbol.

• Hop - 1 symbol is chosen, transforming and destroying adjacent symbols.

The meter is not reset, and the game continues as normal after the effect.

Super Charge is triggered when over-charging the Fortune Frog meter with 88+ winning symbols. All wins achieved during the game round are multiplied by 5.

Fortune Frog and Super Charge can only be triggered once per game round.

Mahjong 88 has 4 seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Each season has its own unique wild symbol, triggered randomly on non-winning spins. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols and are removed if forming a win or if Fortune Frog is triggered.

• Spring - up to 12 wilds can appear, placed randomly on the grid.

• Summer - up to 5 wilds can appear, adjacent symbols are destroyed.

• Autumn - up to 11 wilds can appear, symbols turn wild or destroyed from edges.

• Winter - up to 4 wilds can appear, wilds not removed when winning.

The season can change at the end of a game round. The minimum number of spins in a season is 25. The maximum number of spins in a season is 99. The order of progression is fixed: spring to summer to autumn to winter.

All wins contribute to increasing the Season Bonus. The bonus is paid when the season changes.

Bets are selected using the bet buttons in the bottom part of the game. Click the plus and minus buttons to change the bet one step at a time. To start the round, click START. When the symbols land, the symbols displayed determine your prize according to the paytable.


  • Changing Your Bet- Click any of the five bet buttons to select a bet or use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the bet by one step.
  • Paytable- Toggles the display of the paytable.
  • Auto Play- Click the AUTO PLAY button to enable/disable the Auto Play feature. In Auto Play mode, a number of consecutive game rounds are initiated automatically using your current bet. The Auto Play mode is automatically disabled depending on your settings or if your balance becomes too low.
  • Start- Starts the game round with the currently selected bet.
  • Fast Play- Toggle on for a significantly faster gameplay.

RTP is 96.62%

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.


Last modification date: 6/15/2020