Jungle Books


Jungle Books has 3 different reel sets and paylines. The game has ten regular symbols that win if three or more are lined up in sequence on a payline. The 5 high pay symbols are represented by different fruits and 1 Superhigh pay symbol is represented by 3 pears. The 4 low pay symbols are represented by the 4 different card suits. There are also various wild symbols that substitute all regular symbols and a Honeycomb symbol that awards coins each time it lands.


The game has 5 different Characters which act as hosts in their own realm and guests in other characters' realms. Hosts are on the left side with 2 special features. When a host leaves their realm, the realm changes and the host becomes a guest. Guests are on the right side and can come and go at anytime during gameplay. If a guest leaves, a new guest cannot enter on the same spin. When guests enter a realm they are assigned only 1 of their features for the entire visit. Combining the guest and host features generates the biggest wins. Guest stay for at least 3 spins unless players increase the bet size which always forces the guest to leave, this is disadvantageous. When a host leaves their realm, neither the guest nor that host can return as the host for that Realm change. When launching the game for the first time players will be without a guest in the Boy's realm.



Realm Reelset: (3-3-4-3-3) with 58 paylines

Synced Reels

  • In the Boy, Tiger and Bear's Realm; Reel1 and Reel2 are synced and Reel4 and Reel5 are synced separately(not with reel 1 and 2)
  • In the Snake and Panther's Realms: Reel2, Reel3, and Reel4 are synced
  • Reels that are synced together always give the same result

Spreading Wilds

  • All wilds that land on the reels (including wilds from other features) create 1-2 extra wilds in random positions
  • Wilds can spread on top of HoneyComb symbols only if there is no other position to spread to. In this situation the HoneyComb feature is not activated.
  • Wilds cannot spread to cover other wilds. If all symbols are wild, this feature stops
  • If this feature is combined with the Tiger's Sticky Respin, all wilds on the original spin spread and on the respin all wilds spread again except for the wilds gained from the original spreading wild feature


Realm Reelset: (3-3-4-3-3) with 58 paylines

Sticky Respins

  • If players land any win, a respin is triggered with those winning symbols along with all wilds as sticky
  • If players land at least 1 Honeycomb, players also get a respin with the Honeycomb symbol and all wilds as sticky
  • All winning lines and Honeycomb symbols are payed out at the end of the respin
  • Only 1 respin can be awarded per bet. If all symbols are winning ones in the initial spin, the respin is not awarded

Stacked wilds

  • In the Boy, Tiger and Bear's Realm Stacked wilds are added to Reel3
  • In the Panther's Realm Stacked wilds are added to Reel1 and Reel5
  • In the Snake's Realm Stacked wilds are added to Reel2, Reel3 and Reel4
  • This Feature can be combined with the Spreading Wilds feature to increase the amount of wilds on the reels


Realm Reelset:(3-3-4-3-3) with 58 paylines

Stacked symbols

  • 1 random symbol becomes stacked on all the reels each spin
  • Any symbol can be chosen including the wild symbol and Honeycomb symbol

The Honeycomb

  • In the Boy, Tiger and Bear's Realm the Honeycomb symbol is added to Reel3
  • In the Panther's Realm the Honeycomb symbol is added to Reel1 and Reel5
  • In the Snake's Realm the Honeycomb symbol is added to Reel2, Reel3 and Reel4
  • This Feature can be combined with the Sticky Respin and Stacked Symbol Features to increase the amount of Honeycomb symbols players can land
  • Landing one or more Honeycomb symbol awards a Pick & Click minigame where players get to pick 1 prize for each Honeycomb symbol landed.

Possible prizes:

  • 50000 coins
  • 2500 coins
  • 1000 coins
  • 500 coins
  • 400 coins
  • 350 coins
  • 300 coins
  • 250 coins
  • 200 coins
  • 150 coins
  • 100 coins
  • 50 coins


Realm Reelset: (4-3-3-3-4) with 68 paylines

Wild Superhigh pay symbols

  • All Superhigh pay symbols turn into wilds
  • This feature can be combined with the spreading wild feature to generate more wilds

Win Multiplier

  • Random wins will receive a x2, x3 or x5 multiplier
  • This multiplier is added to the entire spin including any Honeycomb symbols that landed
  • If this feature is combined with the Sticky Respin feature, the multiplier is added after the respin only
  • If it is combined with the Snake's Multiplier feature, the Snake's multiplier is first added to the specific line win and then the Win Multiplier is added to the entire spin


Realm Reelset: (3-4-4-4-3) with 68 paylines

Win Both Ways

  • All lines pay from the left and the right
  • 5-Of-A-Kind wins pay from both sides

x3 Wild Multiplier

  • Any winning line with at least 1 wild in the payline receives a x3 multiplier
  • Multipliers don't stack (2 wilds on winning payline don't award a x9 multiplier)


  • Select the coin denomination.
  • Press the Spin button to start game


  • To calculate your total payline coin win, calculate all payline wins and add them together.
  • To calculate a single payline win, count the number of identical symbols lined up in sequence on the line. If the payline pays from left, then start counting from the far left. If the payline pays from right, then start counting from the far right.
  • If three or more identical symbols lined up, find the coin win value in the Pay Table. There you can find the value for for all 3 in a row, 4 in a row, and 5 in a row symbols. Only the highest winning combination per line is paid out.
  • If the winning combination starts with three wilds, there are many ways to interpret the win. In this scenario, only the highest win combination is paid out.
  • Calculate the total win in your home currency by multiplying the total coin win with your coin value.


  • This game features coin values of less than 1 cent per coin (in select currencies). When players use a coin value of less than 1 cent per coin, their cash prizes will be rounded to FULL cents in a fair way.
  • The prizes are rounded to the closest FULL cent. 1.4 rounds to 1 and 1.6 rounds to 2.
  • If a win is exactly between two values (e.g 2.5 cents), the rounding goes to the closest EVEN cent (will not round to an ODD amount).
  • 1.5, 3.5, 5.5, 7.5, 9.5 rounds up.
  • 0.5, 2.5, 4.5, 6.5, 8.5 rounds down.
  • Casinos always store balances in cash. When a player chooses ‘coin view’ their cash balance is recalculated into coins.
  • When players choose to display their balance in coins, they will sometimes see a rounding take place when their coin win is added to their balance.
  • For example if they win 27 coins with a coin value of 0.002, their cash win will be 5.4 cents. The cash win is rounded to 5 cents and 25 coins are added to their balance.


A) Lines

Displays the number of lines in the game. The number of lines is fixed for each realm.

B) Coin Value

Changes the bet size by changing the coin value. To transform any bet or win in coins to the home currency, multiply the coin amount (50) by the coin value.

C) Bet

The bet size is always 50 coins.

D) Max Bet
Sets the coin value to the largest available. Press the Max Bet-button again to go back to the coin value you had before.

E) Spin Button

Spin the reels. When the reels are spinning, the spin button transforms into the Stop Button. Press the Stop Button to stop the reels immediately.

F) Autoplay

You can make the game play without pressing the spin button every time. Choose the number of rounds to auto play by pressing the Autoplay button. You can choose additional conditions for when to stop autoplay in the Game Settings. To stop autoplay manually, press the autoplay button.

G) Win

Displays the win for the current or last win payout step.

H) Balance

Display your account balance. If cash view is chosen, This field displays your balance in your home currency. If coin view is chosen, this field displays your available coins based on the current coin value. Should you change the coin value, the balance field will update with your new amount of available coins.

I) Cash/Coin view

You can choose to view Bet size and Balance in either Cash or Coins. If you choose cash, the game will transform all values in coins to cash by multiplying the coin amount with your coin value. You can switch between Cash and Coin view by the option in settings or by pressing the Bet field or Balance field.


Return to player

The overall theoritical return to player is 96.1%.

Options Panel 

  • Click the PLUS icon in the bottom left corner to expand or collapse the options tray.
  • Opens the paytable.
  • Opens the settings Panel.
  • Opens the History panel with replays from the last 10 spins

  • Opens the game rules.

  • Turns the sound on and off.
  • Open the games in Fullscreen mode.


The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.


Last modification date: 10/14/2020