Game Description

Gravity in space

Denied immediate access to Earth, the casino space station embarks on a journey to new promising frontiers in the solar system. Drawn by the superior gravity of Jupiter, the course is set to the fourth largest moon, Io! A geological, volcanic marvel, and home to immense amounts of invaluable minerals.

Io is a universal slot with gravity mechanics that draws symbols to slide left and right on their way downwards, bringing more of them into play. Rows are added for each win up to 8 rows and 262 144 ways to win!

Lasers crossing become wilds!

The Laser symbol clears all symbols in the direction it's pointing. If two laser beams cross, all symbols in their directions are turned into wilds.

Lasers crossing become wilds!

Wild Forge

The Wild Forge fills an empty scape below with a multiplier wild. The value of the multiplier increases every time the Wild Forge contributes to a win.

Wild Forge becomes wild when reaching the bottom!

Bonus game

The free drops bonus game rewards 7 free drops and is played with 8 rows. Charged Wilds and Wild Forge symbols are collected at the bottom between free drops. Bonus game can be retriggered!

Charged Wild

The Charged Wild symbol has 4 extra lives. It spends a life when it contributes to a win.

Game Rules

  1. Io is a 6 column, 4 rows slot with dropping symbols and up to 262 144 ways to win. The columns may expand upwards to a total of 8 rows.

  2. The game offers 12 bet levels for each currency.

  3. Each bet is 100 coins.

  4. Bet lines are paid from left to right. Only the highest win per active bet line is paid out.

  5. A game round starts on the selected bet level when the player hits the Spin button.

  6. The game can be played automatically by activating Auto Spin. Hold down the Spin button or use the Auto Spin button to set the number of game rounds to be played automatically.

  7. Winnings and winning combinations are paid out according to the Paytable.

  8. Winnings are presented in the player's currency or in coins. The player can change preference in Settings.

  9. Io is played in two modes; Normal mode and Bonus mode with free drops.

  10. All symbol drops in Normal mode start with 4 rows and 4 096 ways to win.

  11. The maximum number of rows are 8 with maximum 262 144 ways to win.

  12. The wins in the current symbol drop are collected and then all symbols included in a winning combination are removed, except for the Charged Wilds. The remaining symbols fall vertically, slide to the left and then right repeatedly until they reach a resting position. The new result is paid out and new symbols drop from above. The avalanche cycle continues as long as new winning combinations appear.

  13. When the avalanche cycle ends, the next symbol drop will add one additional row of symbols at the top, resulting in an increased number of ways to win.

  14. The number of ways to win increases as the number of rows increases. 4 rows: 4 096 ways to win

    1. rows: 15 625 ways to win

    2. rows: 46 656 ways to win

    3. rows: 117 649 ways to win

    4. rows: 262 144 ways to win

  15. The wild symbol substitutes for any symbol except the Laser, Wild Forge, Charged Wild, multiplier wild and bonus symbols. A winning combination of all wilds pays as the highest value symbol.

  16. The Charged Wild symbol has 4 extra lives. It spends a life when it contributes to a win, and becomes a regular wild when it spends its fourth life. The Charged Wild substitutes for any regular symbol as a normal wild symbol.

  17. Multiplier wilds are generated by the Wild Forge. They substitute for any regular symbol as normal wilds and they are additive if several contribute to the same winning combination.

  18. The Wild Forge is in itself a blocker that carries a multiplier value which is initially

2. It fills an empty space below itself with a multiplier wild using the value it currently carries. The carried multiplier value increases for every empty space directly below itself that the Wild Forge moves to and for each wild multiplier symbol it generates. The Wild Forge turns into a multiplier wild, with the multiplier value it currently carries, when it falls to the bottom.

  1. When the beams from two Laser symbols intersect, the Laser symbols and all regular symbols along the beams, up to the intersection point, are turned into wilds. A beam passing through another Laser symbol is considered to intersect when it reaches the second Laser symbol. Payout occurs after the symbol transformation.

  2. A single Laser, remaining at the end of an avalanche cycle, removes itself and all symbols along its beam giving space for additional symbols to drop down.

  3. Wilds, Charged Wilds, multiplier wilds, Wild Forge and bonus symbols are not affected by any of the Laser features.

  4. Three bonus symbols (scatters) anywhere in view during Normal mode triggers Bonus mode with free drops. 7 Free drops with 8 rows are awarded. Every new free drop starts at 8 rows.

  5. Three bonus symbols during Bonus mode retrigger additional free drops.

  6. In the bonus game all Charged Wilds and Wild Forge symbols fall vertically, slide left and then right and remain for the next free drop. The Charged Wild spends a life at the transition to the next free drop. Wild Forge symbols reaching the bottom turn into multiplier wilds with the multiplier value they currently carry.

  7. The free drops bonus game ends when no free drops remain or when the maximum win has been reached.

  8. Winnings are paid out at the end of the bonus game.

  9. No bets can be changed during an ongoing spin or in any Bonus mode.

  10. The theoretical payout (RTP) in Io is 96.0%

  11. The game has a maximum win of 500 000 coins.

  12. In the event of malfunction all bets and wins are void.

Last modification date: 12/19/2023