Cash Pandas

Cash Pandas is an Avalanche Cluster Pays video slot with a 7x7 symbol grid.
The game features Giant Symbols, Power ups & Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game.
Wins are triggered by 5 or more symbols in a cluster formation and the maximum win is 10000x bet!


All symbols which are part of a win, explode and leave space for additional symbol drops.
The Avalanche feature continues as long as new winning symbol combinations appear.
Each Avalanche win is added to the total win of the game round.

Cluster Pays

A winning cluster consists of 5 or more vertically or horizontally connected identical symbols & Wilds.
Winning symbols are removed, and new symbols drop in to fill up the grid.

Giant symbols

At the beginning of a new game round, 2x2,3x3 or 4x4 giant symbols may randomly appear on the grid.
When winning with a giant symbol, a Wild symbol is generated in one of the empty spaces before additional symbols drop in.
2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 giant symbols count as 4,9 and 16 symbols of the same type, respectively.
Non-winning giant symbols are sticky until the end of the game round or when entering the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game.

Battery Charge

The Battery charge symbol adds 5 or 10 points to the collect meter.
After adding the points, the battery charge converts into a Wild symbol.

Collect Meter

Each symbol explosion generates a ball charge that progresses the collect meter by 1 point.
Filling the meter awards different power-up features.
The first three steps each requires 25 points to add one of the following power-ups to the queue:

Random Wilds

Adds up to 7 Wild symbols on the grid.

Symbol conversion

Picks a random symbol on the grid and turns all of the same symbols into another symbol.

Symbol removal

Picks a symbol and removes all of the same symbols from the grid.

The power-ups features in the queue are triggered when no more Avalanches are possible.
The game round continues normally, allowing the collect meter to charge up for more effects, possibly creating additional wins.
An additional 25 points are required to enter the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game in the 4th step.

The collect meter resets at the end of the game round.
The collect meter cannot be charged further when it reaches the cap.
In the base game the cap is 4 steps with 25 points each.
In the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game the cap is 100 points.

Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game

Charging the collect meter 4 times in the base game awards the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game.
After all base power-ups have played out, all symbols are absorbed into the meter to create a Giant Raccoon Wild on a new grid.

When entering the Giant Raccoon Wild Bonus Game, an overall multiplier is activated.
Each Avalanche increases the overall multiplier by x1.

The multiplier does not reset until the end of the game round.

The Giant Raccoon Wild is created for a random number of times before breaking down into 1x1 Racoon Wilds.
Raccoon Wilds are sticky until won on or entering the next stage of the bonus.
Filling the meter with 100 points triggers the next stage of the Bonus with upgraded Raccoon Wilds.

Stage 1: Adds 2-5 2x2 Giant Raccoon Wilds, then adds 4 1x1 Raccoon Wilds at once.
Stage 2: Adds 1-4 3x3 Giant Raccoon Wilds, then adds 8 1x1 Raccoon Wilds at once.
Stage 3: Adds 1-4 4x4 Giant Raccoon Wilds, then adds 12 1x1 Raccoon Wilds at once.

In each stage, the Giant Raccoon Wilds are added one by one, and the win is evaluated before the next one comes in.

The meter cannot be filled further after stage 3.

Rules & Information

  • Wild symbols substitute for all adjacent symbols.
  • The theoretical pay-out (RTP) is 96.16% and maximum win is 10000x bet.
  • If the total win during a game round reach 10000x, the game round will be ended and the won amount will be paid out.
  • Bets are made in the casino currency and there are 26 bet levels.
  • The bet level cannot be changed during a game round.
  • All wins are displayed and paid in the casino currency in accordance with the paytable.
  • If a game round is interrupted, all information and bets will be displayed when the game is relaunched.
  • All open sessions, which are not concluded by the player, plus any future transactions for those sessions, will be autocompleted after a certain time depending on the player's residence. Please see operator specific terms and conditions for details.
  • Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

Last modification date: 4/5/2024