Ultra Joker



Ultra Joker

Ultra Joker is a 3x3, 5 winlines, spinning video slot. The Game includes the JOKER MULTIPLIER and the WIN REPEATER bonus.

The theoretical minimum payback percentage (RTP) is 95.86%

Disclaimer: If an interrupted game is not finished within 90 days, your game will be terminated. If your game gets terminated you will lose every active bet.


Malfunction of the virtual machine voids all plays and payment during the period of malfunction.


Only the highest win per PAY WAY is paid. Wins on different PAY WAYS are added.

Payouts have been multiplied by the current active bet.

The Ultra Joker is a WILD symbol that can appear on all positions within all 3 reels, where it substitutes for all symbols to build up more winning combinations.


Any win involving WILD symbol will apply the JOKER MULTIPLIER.

The Ultimate JOKER MULTIPLIER starts at x1, for each losing spin the JOKER MULTIPLIER increments by x1.

Any standard win re-sets the JOKER MULTIPLIER to x1.

Any win involving the WILD Joker symbol will apply the multiplier and re-set to x1.



A Full window of alike symbols, including Joker wins, awards the WIN REPEATER bonus.

A wheel will be displayed on screen offering a ‘win repeat’ chance. The wheel default chance is 50:50 and can award x2, however you can change the win chance and the WIN with the + / - buttons below the wheel.

The wheel contains 8 segments containing either COLLECT or WIN. COLLECT awards the pay for the full window of symbols.

option 3 : 1:8 segments have WIN pays x5. option 2 : 2:8 segments have WIN pays x3. option 3 : 1:8 segments have WIN pays x5.







INTRO SCREEN (optional)

The default setting for the INTRO SCREEN is ON. When set to OFF, the INTRO is not visible.

SPACEBAR SPIN (optional)

The default setting for SPACEBAR SPIN is ON. When set to OFF, it is not possible to spin the reels using the SPACEBAR key.


The default setting for GAME SOUNDS is ON. When set to OFF, only the SOUND EFFECTS are disabled.


The default setting for BACKGROUND SOUNDS (if available) is ON. When set to OFF, only the BACKGROUND MUSIC is disabled.


For your convenience, you can choose where you want the SPIN button positioned on the screen.


The SPIN button will not be visible. Click anywhere on the screen to start spinning.


Features, symbol values and win combinations are displayed here.


Here you can read the game rules as well as download them





Click/tap MAX BET to play with the maximum allowable TOTAL BET. Use the – and + BUTTONS to customize your bet settings.


Capture5AUTO SPIN SETTINGS (optional) STOP ON BONUS (optional)

The default setting for STOP ON BONUS is ON. When set to ON, user interaction is required to start a bonus feature or to resume base game play when such a feature has finished.

When set to OFF, bonus features start automatically and base game play is automatically resumed when such a feature has been played. Start and end screens of bonus features stay in view for 7 seconds before the game automatically starts a bonus feature or resumes base game play.

TURBO SPIN (optional)

Click/tap the TURBO SPIN button to activate TURBO SPIN. The default setting for TURBO SPIN is OFF. When set to ON, the reels spin faster than normal spins.


Select the number of AUTO SPINS you want to play.

LOSS LIMIT AMOUNT:                       Stop AUTO PLAY if the total amount of losses exceeds

the specified LOSS LIMIT amount.

SINGLE WIN LIMIT AMOUNT:           Stop AUTO PLAY if any win exceeds the specified


Tap the START button after configuring these settings to begin playing using your new AUTO PLAY settings.

Note: General settings, auto spin settings, and bet settings can be different for some jurisdictions.




Tap the MANUAL SPIN BUTTON to start playing using the current BET.

Capture5AUTO PLAY BUTTON (optional)

Tap on AUTO PLAY to activate the AUTO PLAY settings.


Click/tap the MUTE/UNMUTE button to mute/unmute all game sounds.


Tap to open the GAME SETTINGS menu for selecting game options.


Click/tap the BET SETTINGS button to open the bet settings menu.

Capture8TURBO SPIN (optional)

Click/tap the TURBO SPIN button to activate TURBO SPIN.


Use the – and + BUTTONS to customize your bet settings.

GAMBLE FEATURE (optional):


Every time you hit a winning combination, the GAMBLE FEATURE is automatically activated. Select the COLLECT BUTTON to skip the GAMBLE FEATURE and continue playing the regular game, or select the GAMBLE BUTTON to play the GAMBLE FEATURE.

In the GAMBLE FEATURE, one playing card is placed face down on the table and you can gamble your winnings from the triggering spin by guessing the CARD COLOR or the CARD SUIT. If a FREE SPINS BONUS WIN activates the GAMBLE FEATURE, you can choose to gamble your total BONUS WIN.

Possible Options And Outcomes:

  • Choose a CARD COLOR by selecting RED or BLACK. The card is revealed and a correct guess DOUBLES (x2) your
  • Choose a CARD SUIT by selecting DIAMONDS, HEARTS, CLUBS, or SPADES. The card is revealed and a correct guess QUADRUPLES (x4) your
  • An incorrect guess about the CARD COLOR or CARD SUIT ends the GAMBLE FEATURE and you lose your total winnings (winnings from the triggering spin and any winnings from the active GAMBLE FEATURE).

If you win a GAMBLE FEATURE round and choose to play again, a new card will be placed face down on the table and the game is repeated using your new, adjusted total bet.

The CARD COLORS and CARD SUITS for each playing card revealed during the GAMBLE FEATURE are added to the HISTORY bar, and wins are tracked on the WIN COUNTER on the screen.

You can continue playing the GAMBLE FEATURE until you either make an incorrect guess, you reach the maximum number of rounds allowed, you reach the maximum win amount allowed, or you click the COLLECT BUTTON to end the GAMBLE FEATURE and collect your winnings. You will then be returned to the main game and any credits you won will automatically be added to your balance.

Note: If the win on your triggering spin is bigger than the maximum limit for the GAMBLE FEATURE, the feature will not be activated.


Click this GAMBLE BUTTON to gamble the amount of winnings.


Click the COLLECT BUTTON to collect the amount of winnings.

Last modification date: 5/17/2021