Four Card Poker


  • Four Card Poker is a poker game that uses a standard deck of 52 cards, which is reshuffled between each game.
  • The Player's best four card hand competes against the House's best four card hand. The House always qualifies for each game round.

How To Play

  • The Player starts out by placing a bet on the Ante bet area.
  • The Aces Up bet is optional. This bet can only be placed after making an Ante bet and before the cards are dealt.
  • After all bets are made, the cards are dealt.
  • The Player is dealt five cards, and the House is dealt six cards, of which five are placed face down.
  • The Player then has the choice to make one of the Play bets or to Fold.
  • There are two Play bets available. The Player can choose either to bet a Play bet equal to 1x Ante or 3x Ante.
  • If the Player chooses to Fold, the Ante bet will be lost.
  • If the Player has any of the hands required for the Ante Bonus and a Play bet has been made, then they will be paid out regardless of the House's hand.
  • The Ante Bonus payouts are multiple of the Ante Bet.
  • If the Player makes a Play bet, the House’s cards are revealed and the best four card hands are compared.
  • If the Player has a better four card hand than the House, or the hands are tied, the Ante and Play bets both pay 1:1.
  • If the House has a better four card hand than the Player, the Player loses both Play and Ante bets.
  • The Aces Up bet pays out based on the Player’s best four card hand.
  • The Aces Up bet is evaluated regardless of if the Player makes a Play bet or chooses to Fold.

Hand Rankings

For all bets, 4-card hands are ranked from highest to lowest as follows:

Four of a Kind

(Contains four cards of the same rank)

Straight Flush

(Contains four cards in sequential rank and of the same suit)

Three of a Kind

(Contains three cards of the same rank)


(Contains four cards of the same suit)


(Contains four cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits)

Two Pair

(Contains two cards of the same rank, plus two more of another matching rank)


(Contains two cards of the same rank)

High Card

(Hand does not meet the above requirements, highest ranked card is counted)

When evaluating a hand, only the highest possible rank within the Player’s cards is considered (while a Straight Flush contains both a Straight and a Flush, it is calculated solely as a Straight Flush).

A is high except in 4-3-2-A sequence.


Ante Bonus

Four of a Kind


Straight Flush


Three of a Kind



Aces Up

Four of a Kind         50:1

Straight Flush         30:1

Three of a Kind       7:1

Flush                        6:1

Straight                   5:1

Two Pair                  2:1

Pair of A                  1:1


  • Any combination of wins in a single game will not exceed €8,400.00.
  • Winnings from side bets are added to the total win when the pays are evaluated.
  • In accordance with fair gaming practices, the outcome of each and every game is completely independent.
  • The chance of getting a particular outcome is always the same at the start of every game.
  • The expected RTP for Four Card Poker is 98.68%.
  • The expected RTP for the Aces Up side bet is 96.63%.
  • This reflects the theoretical return across many plays.
  • These ranks are based on the optimal strategy, as derived from the rules.
  • Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • The look and feel of the game and its individual components and displays are trade dress of Scientific Games Corp. and its Subsidiaries. TM and © 2015, 2020 Scientific Games Corp. and its Subsidiaries. All rights reserved.