Crown of Egypt


Play 40 Lines and 1024 Ways for only 80 Coins!
Nearly Limitless Symbol Combinations with 20 Independent Reels!

How To Bet

Crown of Egypt™ features 40 paylines plus 1024 Ways. Choose to play 1, 10, 20, 40 lines or 40 lines + 1024 ways.

Press the minus (-) button to decrease the coin value. Press the plus (+) button to increase the coin value.

40 LINES + 1024 WAYS
Press the left arrow (-) to decrease the number of paylines played. Press the right arrow (+) to increase the number of paylines played. Press the right arrow (+) to enable 1024 ways. Press the left arrow (-) to disable 1024 ways. Each payline costs 1 coin, and 1024 ways costs 40 coins.

Press to spin the reels and submit the bet.

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Auto Spin Feature

Auto Spin plays the game automatically for a selected number of spins at the current total bet. Select the desired total bet, press AUTO SPIN and choose how many spins to play. Auto Spin plays the specified number of spins until the STOP button is pressed, a Bonus is triggered, or the balance is insufficient to spin again.

Auto Spin is only available in approved jurisdictions.

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MultiWay Xtra™ Feature

With the MultiWay Xtra™ feature, there are 1024 ways to win on every spin. MultiWay Xtra™ symbol awards pay for matching symbols in any position in adjacent columns, starting from the leftmost column. More than one matching symbol in the same column multiplies the award. The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except for the Bonus symbol.

Example of a MultiWay Xtra™ payout:
The following diagram shows a sample reel outcome, using the Falcon symbol. Because there is at least one Falcon or Wild symbol in each of the first four columns, the player wins the 4 Falcon symbol award, which pays 40 coins per way.

Payout example:

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Column 4

Column 5







1 Falcon

2 Falcons

2 Falcons

1 Falcon

To determine the payout for this combination:

  1. Count the number of Falcon and Wild symbols in each column.
  2. Calculate the total number of winning ways (1 x 2 x 2 x 1 = 4).
  3. Calculate the award amount in currency by multiplying the award (40 coins) by the coin value. For example if the coin value is £0.02 then the award is £0.80 (40 x £0.02).
  4. The total pay is the award value times the total number of winning ways (£0.80 x 4 = £3.20).

The win message will be: MULTIWAY XTRA™ WIN PAYS: £0.80 X 4.

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Free Spins Bonus

Two or more Bonus symbols in the middle column trigger the Free Spins Bonus. The more Bonus symbols that appear at the same time, the more free spins are awarded. See the paytable for details.

During the Free Spins Bonus, two or more Bonus symbols in the middle column retrigger the Bonus. The Free Spins Bonus continues until 0 spins remain, or until 130 free spins have been played, or until the maximum award cap is reached.

The bet in the Free Spins Bonus, including 1024 Ways activation, is the same as on the reel spin that triggered the Bonus.

The Free Spins Bonus has richer reels than the main game.

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Graphics Quality
  • BEST mode - Graphics look best, but performance may suffer.
  • HIGH mode (default) - Optimal graphics and performance setting.
  • MEDIUM mode - Lower quality but increased performance.
  • LOW mode - Degraded graphics, but smoothest animation performance is achieved even on slower computers.

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Misuse or malfunction voids all pays and plays.

All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive columns, beginning with the far left column.

Only highest winner paid on each payline. Line wins are multiplied by the coin value on the winning line.

MultiWay Xtra™ symbol awards pay for the same symbol in any position in adjacent columns, beginning with the far left column.

Only the highest paying MultiWay Xtra™ symbol award for each symbol is paid per spin. Same winning symbol in same column multiplies award. MultiWay Xtra™ symbol awards are multiplied by the coin value.

Coinciding wins on different paylines are added. MultiWay™ wins (only available when 1024 Ways activated) are independent from payline awards and are also added to the total amount paid.

Awards are shown in currency.

Wild symbol appears in columns 2, 3, 4, and 5 only.

Bonus symbol appears in column 3 only.

Regardless of the bet size, there is an award cap on any single transaction. See the paytable for details. A transaction includes the results of the Free Spins Bonus plus the outcome which launched the bonus. If the award cap is reached in the Bonus, the Bonus ends immediately irrespective of any remaining free spins.

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Additional Information

In addition to the features described in the How to Bet section, the Controls bar at the bottom of the game screen displays the current balance in the chosen currency, the amount paid if a win occurs, and the last/current bet amount.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

The theoretical return to player of this game is 92.90 - 95.03%

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