Badger Miners

Welcome to Badger Miners™, a 5x3 high volatility Video Slot with All Ways and 243 ways to win, Rising Cash Wilds, Reel Multipliers and Combinators, Re-spins and a Free Spins with superpowered Rising Cash Wilds.


Tenacious Badgers are on a mission to strike gold! Hard at work they dig deep into the mountain, hauling up karts full of precious gold ... and cash!


There are multipliers above each of the middle three reels.

Cash Wilds can land in the middle three reels. Cash Wilds that are part of a win, collect the win amounts only from those winning ways in which that wild is involved in. This initiates a respin where Cash Wilds move up one cell. During respins multipliers do not change. There is a wild symbol that substitutes for all regular symbols. If there are no Cash Wilds involved in a win, the respin ends.

This sequence is repeated until a wild is involved in a win on the top row and gets "collected" and the game pays out the collected amount multiplied by the value on the top of that particular reel for that spin.

Scatters can land anywhere. 5+ Scatters trigger Free Spins. Any scatters on the reels are collected in a meter. Scatter collection resets at the end of a respin.


Multipliers are colour coded into three categories, Low, Medium and High. Multipliers are randomly selected within these 3 categories. Operators + and * can appear between the multipliers. The operation sequence is always from left to right. The possible multipliers are: Multipliers can be 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15,20,25,30,50,100. Examples:

  • X3 + X2 in Reels 2 and 3, gives an X5 multiplier on both reels.
  • X4 * X3 in Reels 2 and 3, gives an X12 multiplier on both reels.


Non-Completed Wilds on screen at start of Free Spins remain on screen at the start of the free spins session. Collecting 5 Scatters awards 7 Free Spins. Every additional scatter award 2 additional free spins. Free spins has the same behaviour as the main game with the following exceptions:

  • Wilds that have not successfully made it to the top of the reels over respins, remain for the next spin, with the collected value.
  • There are no scatters in Free Spins.
  • Free Spins are played with the same bet as the activating spin.

Buy Into Free Spins

Players can pay x95 to buy into Free Spins with their choice of bet size.


  • There are 243 ways to win in this game. Landing an identical symbol on 3,4 or 5 consecutive reels from the left awards a win.
  • Simultaneous or coinciding wins on different ways are added and paid.
  • If any of the reels contain more than 1 instance of the winning symbol, the win is multiplied. For example, if the first reel contain 2 winning symbols, the second reel 3 winning symbols and the third reel 2 winning symbols, this win is treated like a 3-of-a-kind win with a 2*3*2=12x MULTIPLIER.
  • Each symbol's payout for 3,4 and 5 of a kind is listed in the paytable.
  • There is a max win of 10,000 x bet.


  • Each symbol's payout is listed in the paytable for all wins.
  • If a multiplier was activated, multiply the winning amount by the awarded multiplier.
  • All cluster wins are summed together after the spin.


  • Menu - The menu icon expands or collapses the game menu.
  • Balance - Displays the player's account balance.
  • Cash Bet - Displays the current bet.
  • Win Field - Displays the current win
  • Spin Button - Places the bet, spins the reels and starts the game.(Players can use the space bar on desktop in some markets to spin)
  • Turbo Mode – Pressing the fast forward button turns on/off the Turbo Mode (not available in all markets).
  • Mute - Mutes and unmutes the game.
  • Autoplay - Displays the autoplay options.
  • Buy Bonus - Opens the buy bonus menu.


  • Cash Bet - Displays the bet options.
  • PayTable - Displays the paytable which contains an explanation of the key features in the game and displays the payout for each symbol dynamically.
  • Settings - Displays the game settings.
  • Game Rules - Displays the rules of the game.
  • Auto Spin - Displays the auto spin options.
  • Game History - Displays the last spins with an option to rewatch.
  • Buy Bonus - Displays the buy bonus menu.

(Some features and options may not be available in your jurisdiction)


  • The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of spins by numerous players over an extended period of time and cannot be affected by the player's strategy.
  • The overall theoretical return to player is 94.0%.


  • The reels are spun with a fair and equal chance for each stop position by a certified random number generator. For more information, visit


  • If your game is interrupted during play, you may replay the game round after restarting the game within 1 hour/s after interruption. After that time, any winnings from an interrupted game will be added to your account. If you choose to skip the replay, your win will be added to your balance immediately.
  • In any situation where the replay-functionality is not sufficient, please contact the support team of your gaming website.
  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets are refunded.
  • This is game rules version 1, dated 15/05 2023. To make available any previous version, please use the contact form at

Last modification date: 7/6/2023