60 Second Heist

Welcome to 60 Second Heist! Play Free Spins against the clock - every second counts!


RTP The overall theoretical return to player is 96.0%
Max Win 60000x bet
Volatility High
Average best win after 100 spins All players: 44 x bet
1 in 10 players: 181 x bet
1 in 100 players: 562 x bet
1 in 1000 players: 1445 x bet


60 Second Heist is a 5-reel, 1,024 Ways slot created by 4ThePlayer.com. Ways slots remove paylines to make it easier to see the wins. A win is formed from consecutive symbols starting from the first reel.

The heat is on and every second counts: play Free Spins against the clock, featuring an increasing multiplier and speed boosts. Lock winning symbols on the reels in the Turbo Lock Respin feature and see how much you can win in 10 seconds!


The player chooses their bet amount using the + and - buttons. All wins are multiplied by the bet. For details on win payouts see the game paytable.

To play the game, the player presses the SPIN BUTTON. If playing on PC and if enabled in the game options menu, the space bar can also be used to spin the reels.

Winning symbols are raised over the reels when the spin stops.

Wins pay from left to right.



The Wild symbol substitutes for every symbol apart from scatters.

Wilds have no payout and can only form wins in conjunction with other symbols.

The Wild symbol has an alternative look and animation when playing in Free Spins.


3 Free Spins Scatters will award Win Time Free Spins. Free Spins Scatters can land on reels 1, 3, and 5.


The 2 top paying symbols have alternative looks and animations when playing in Free Spins. Their payouts remain the same.


3 Free Spins Scatters will award Win Time Free Spins. You will be awarded 60 seconds of spins.

Free Spins are played at the same bet and number of ways as the base game.

The reels will spin as normal and wins will be awarded as normal for the awarded time, which will be displayed on the stopwatch next to the reels. When the awarded time has expired, the current spin and any wins will be awarded before the feature ends.

A light will move around the reels on the lapper board during the feature. Every time a full lap is completed, the win multiplier will increase by +1x and all subsequent wins (including any win currently being awarded) will be multiplied by this amount. The speed of the light on the lapper will increase as the win multiplier gets higher.

The win multiplier will start at X1 and can increase indefinitely.

Bonus time is calculated by the game server. Perceived time may vary according to device performance, and will not affect game results.


Landing a Boost scatter in view during Free Spins will increase the speed of the reel spin, award count-ups, and the light on the lapper board for a short amount of time. Landing another Boost scatter when this is active will increase the time of the boost.


Landing an Extra Time Scatter in view during Free Spins will increase the remaining time on the stopwatch by an additional 5 to 120 seconds! If the time on the stopwatch has already expired, the Extra Time Scatter will still take effect after any wins have been awarded.

At the end of a full spin result, if no time remains on the timer, then the Free Spins bonus will end, even if there is remaining time for the boost to remain active.


The Turbo Lock Respin Feature may trigger after any winning spin in the base game apart from spins with a Free Spin trigger.

After any winning spin in the base game, the Turbo Lock Respin Feature might trigger.

Any symbols involved in the win will lock in place. All other reel positions will respin and any new winning symbols will lock as well. This will continue for 10 seconds, after which the final win will be awarded.


BONUS BET allows you to increase your chance of hitting the Win Time Free Spins feature by increasing your bet.

Press the BONUS BET button to open the BONUS BET window.

The values along the slider show the average number of spins it will take to trigger a Free Spins bonus, as well as the cost of each selection. Moving the slider will select a Bonus Bet mode. Moving the slider all the way to the right guarantees a bonus on every spin.

You can adjust your normal bet size on this screen. Doing so will update the costs on the slider.

Press ACTIVATE to return to the game screen with your selected BONUS BET level active. Press BONUS BET OFF to return to the game screen without BONUS BET active.


If any of the reels contain more than 1 instance of a symbol, the win will be multiplied.

Multiply the number of symbols on each of the reels to get the final payout multiplier.

For example, if the first reel contains 2 symbols, second reel 3 symbols and third reel 2 symbols, the paytable value is multiplied by 2 x 3 x 2 = 12.

Simultaneous or coinciding wins on different ways are added


Autoplay allows the player to play without pressing spin. To open Autoplay, press the AUTOPLAY button (the small button with 4 arrows and a play icon in the middle).

The player can choose the number of spins, loss limit, and single win limit. The spins will automatically stop when the chosen number is reached or when the loss limit or single win limit is hit.

When Autoplay is active, the AUTOPLAY button becomes a STOP button which displays the number of remaining spins. Press the STOP button to stop Autoplay spins.


The game options menu (opened via the button with 3 horizontal lines) contains:

  • Sound – To disable/enable game sounds
  • Paytable – Displays the payouts for each symbol and description of the game features. The game is played with a dynamic paytable.
  • Press Space to spin – Allows the use of the Space Bar to make a bet.
  • Autoplay – To access the autoplay menu
  • History – To see game history
  • Game Rules – Opens this help

Last modification date: 4/1/2022