Virtual Champions

This is a Champions League simulation game. The game consists of the entire 125 matches involving the 32 teams that qualified for the Champions League. Each round of matches lasts for 120 seconds.

You can bet on the results of individual matches, group winners or on the outright winner for the Champions League. Singles and multiple bets are available, with up to 247 combinations. A range of match bets are available including, home, away, draw, Asian handicap, under and over 2.5 goals, correct score and first goal scorer.

All the betting opportunities are accessible via the coupons bar located in the top section of the game or the +51 button on the 90 minutes coupon, all match betting opportunities are for 90 minutes play. To select the type of bet you require from these areas, simply press on your selection on the screen. Your bet options, from a single up to any number of possible combinations, will appear in the betting slip located on the bottom left side. Once you have selected your bet combination and stake, click the BET NOW button - you will then get confirmation and a list of your bets will appear in the bet detail box at the bottom right corner of the screen. Results are displayed after each match briefly on the centre of the screen. You can access the permanent results via the results tab at the top right corner of the screen.

A random number generator is used to select game results using the system's rating for each individual team.

Bets are accepted up to 5 seconds before each game is played.

The betting starts at the group phase, which is 8 groups of 4 teams playing each other twice, home and away. The top two teams in each group progress to the next stage. If 2 teams achieve the same points in 2nd place, at the end of the group stage, then the team with the best goal difference progresses. If two teams are equal on points and goal difference, for the purpose of this game the team with the lowest rating progresses to the next stage. After the Group Phase the winners and runners up of each of the eight groups progress to the knockout phase. In each round in the knockout phase, except the final, each team plays their opponents twice, home and away. After each round in the knockout phase the number of teams is halved until eventually 2 teams meet in the Champions League Final.

If there are any tie breakers required because of identical points obtained records they are applied in the following order:

Goal Difference - descending

Goals For - descending

Games Won - descending

Odds - ascending

Last modification date: 5/16/2018