Le Kaffee Bar

About Le Kaffee Bar

  • Le Kaffee Bar is a five reel, 243 ways and 300 coin slot machine, including:
    • Regular symbols
    • Wild symbol
    • Scatter symbol
    • Scatter Collection feature
    • Wild Spin Again feature
    • Free Spins bonus game
    • Paytable Achievements feature

Game Rules


  • All 243 pay ways are permanently enabled.
  • Your bet is dependent on the number of coins and coin size played.
  • A bet multiplier of 30 applies per spin. For example, 5 coins bet per spin x 30 bet multiplier = 150 total coins bet.
  • All paytables display the number of credits that are won for each combination.
  • The number of credits won is dependent on the total number of coins won multiplied by the coin size bet.
  • Only one regular winning combination is paid out per pay way and you are paid out the value of the highest win.
  • Bonus wins are added to regular wins.
  • If you have a winning combination, the win is highlighted on the reels. If you do not have a winning combination, the game is over and you can play again.

Regular symbols

  • Matching symbols must be next to each other on an enabled pay way.
  • Regular winning combinations pay out from left-to-right, starting from the first slot reel.
  • Regular payouts depend on the number of coins you bet per spin.

Wild symbol


  • This symbol only appears when a 3 of a kind symbol combination is displayed on the reels.
  • The 3 of a kind symbol combination can form horizontally or vertically on the reels.
  • The middle symbol in the 3 of a kind symbol combination, can transform into this symbol.
  • This symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4.
  • This symbol does not substitute for the scatter symbol.

Wild Spin Again feature

  • The wild symbol is held and you are awarded one free spin.
  • This feature can be re-activated.
  • This feature is available during free spins.
  • During free spins, any wins are multiplied by the free spins multiplier.

Scatter symbol


  • This symbol does not need to appear on an enabled pay way to win.
  • This symbol cannot be substituted by the wild symbol.
  • This symbol only appears on reels 1 and 5.
  • This symbol does not appear during the free spins.

Scatter Collection feature


  • Each symbol displayed on the reels awards a coffee cup and it is collected.
  • You can choose to start free spins once you collect 10 or 20 coffee cups.
  • Free spins automatically start once you collect 30 coffee cups.
  • This feature is available during the Wild Spin Again feature.
  • This feature is not available during the free spins.

Free Spins bonus game


  • The number of free spins and multiplier awarded depends on the number of cups collected in the Scatter Collection feature.
  • All wins displayed in the bonus game are already multiplied by the average bet.
  • The average bet is calculated from the bets placed on spins that collect cups or activate the free spins.
  • Free spins cannot be re-activated.
  • Winnings are automatically collected during the bonus game.

Paytable Achievements feature

  • Tracks your win status by highlighting symbol combinations you have won.
  • When you win all combinations for the same symbol it is highlighted.
  • Achievements are permanently highlighted on the payout table, even after you exit the game.
  • Regular game wins are logged as achievements.
  • Wild symbol substitute wins are not logged as achievements.
  • Wild Spin Again feature wins are not logged as achievements.
  • Free spins wins are not logged as achievements.

Return to Player (RTP)

  • Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of total money bet by players in a specific game, that is paid out as winnings over time. The RTP is fixed, and does not change.
  • This game has an RTP of 96.51%.

Game Controls

Item Description
Balance box Displays your Casino balances.
Bet box Displays your total bet amount per spin.

Bet button


  • Displays your bet options. You can change your total bet amount.
  • Bet Value
    • Selects the bet value you want to bet per spin.
  • Max Bet or Max
    • Places the maximum bet permitted.
  • Min Bet or Min
    • Places the minimum bet permitted.

Menu button


  • Displays a menu of general system and game options.
  • For example: Paytable - Displays the game payout tables.

Spin button


  • Starts the game.
    • Depending on your game, pressing the space bar may also start or stop the game.

AutoPlay button


  • Displays the AutoPlay options where you can select to spin a set number of times in succession without interacting with the game.
    • Click AutoPlay and select the number of spins you want to play and the stop options.

Settings button


  • Displays the game settings.
  • Sounds
    • Turns game sounds on or off.
  • Vibration
    • Turns vibration on or off.
  • Quick spin
    • Quick spin increases the reel spin speed to display your results quicker. This does not influence the results of the spin.
  • Left Handed
    • Moves the console bar to left or right of screen.
X button Closes the game.

*Each game has different options and AutoPlay settings. Some of these may not be available in the game you are playing.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 10/14/2020