Game Rules

  • Play 9 or 18 lines
  • LINES can be changed by using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows
  • BET amount can be changed by using the LEFT and RIGHT arrows
  • PLAY begins the game with the current BET and LINES
  • BET MAX begins the game with the maximum LINES and current BET
  • Payouts are displayed on the PAYTABLE
  • Payline wins occur when matching 3 blocks on a line
  • Payline wins are augmented by matching blocks that are adjacent to or linked to the winning combination
  • Wins are multiplied by the amount bet per line
  • Maximum payout per game round is 50,000 coins
  • A Bonus Block is awarded for each block in a winning combination
  • Bonus blocks are added to the top of the tower, replacing randomly removed original blocks
  • The Tower Collapse Feature triggers a free game round
  • Magic Blocks transform the colour of surrounding blocks to match
  • Layer Bombs remove full layers from the tower and replace them with new blocks on the top


Name 3 Line 1 each Linked
Blue Block
White Block
Red Block
Yellow Block
Orange Block
Green Block
Purple Block
Magic Block Randomly transforms the colors of 5 surrounding blocks to a single color
2 Layer Bomb
4 Layer Bomb
8 Layer Bomb
Destroys and replaces 2,4, or 8 layers of the tower

Last modification date: 5/16/2018