Red Queen Blackjack

Red Queen Blackjack offers the player the extra incentive of a 2:1 payout when in possession of a Red Queen Blackjack hand (An Ace and Red Queen).


Red Queen Blackjack is played with 6 standard decks of 52 cards (Jokers not included). The cards are re-shuffled for each game round. Number cards, 2-10, count as face value. Face cards, kings, queens and jacks, are equal in value to 10 and aces are valued at either 1 or 11. No particular significance is given to any of the 4 suits. Play takes place against a computerized dealer. The dealer is dealt two cards, and the player is dealt two cards in each box. The player’s cards are dealt face up, while only the dealer’s first card is shown. A player can choose an additional card by clicking Hit. A player may repeat this as many times as he likes so long as the total of his cards does not exceed 21. If the total surpasses 21, it is considered a bust and the player automatically loses. Once a player is satisfied with the cards (s)he is holding, (s)he should click Stand. This is repeated for all the hands the player is playing. After the player is finished, it is the dealer’s turn to reveal his face down card and decide whether he would like to take another card. The dealer must have cards totalling 17 or more. Once the dealer is satisfied with the cards he is holding, the winner is decided. If the value of the player’s cards is greater than the dealer’s, or if the dealer busts then the player is the winner. If the player’s card total is the same as the dealer it is considered a push and the player gets to keep his bet.


If a 10 value card, i.e. the number 10 card of any suit or a king, queen or jack, plus an ace is initially dealt in any hand, it is considered Blackjack. The player wins 1.5 times his bet when he is dealt a Blackjack. A Red Queen Blackjack (An Ace and a Red Queen of Hearts or Diamonds) pays the player 2:1 on their stake. The player automatically loses if the dealer is dealt a Blackjack. If both are dealt a Blackjack it is considered a push and the player gets his bet back.


If the visible card of the dealer is an ace, the player may buy insurance by betting and additional 0.5 times his initial bet. If the dealer then gets Blackjack, the player will win 2 times his insurance bet. If the dealer does not get Blackjack, then the player loses his insurance bet and the outcome of his initial bet is determined by the total of the cards he is holding vs. the dealer’s cards.


If a player is dealt two cards of the same value (including two of the same face cards), he is entitled to split the cards and double his initial bet. If you split a hand, Blackjack (3:2) cannot be called on that hand a winning hand in this situation will be paid at evens. Only one split is allowed. The Player will now be playing two hands of Blackjack, one at a time. The first hand is dealt a second card. The player must decide whether they would like to Stand, Double or take another card by clicking Hit. Once the player has finished the first hand, he must move onto the second, repeating the same process. After the player is satisfied with both hands it is the dealer’s turn. The dealer will now reveal his other card and take additional cards until he has a total of 17 or more. Note: The player cannot hit on split aces. The dealer deals a second card only for each hand.


The player may double his bet after viewing his initial two cards. He will then only be allowed one additional hit to complete his hand. It is also possible to Double after a Split, except after splitting two aces. Note: The Min/Max sign indicates the minimum and maximum bet per hand.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 6/4/2020