Glory of Heroes

Welcome to Glory of Heroes video slot. Enter a medieval fantasy world and join our Hero as he fights a hoard of enemies to defend his Kingdom, in the ultimate Battle for Glory!

About the Game

Glory of Heroes is 7x7 cluster pays slot offering unique game mechanics, where players progress through levels by clearing different targets during game play and journey across multiple game locations. Along the way encounter battles with Minions and The Boss Monster where Hero symbol upgrades and the chance to win the Boss Bonus are awarded. Fear not as you’ll be armed with “Hero’s Powers” game modifiers to help you win riches worthy of a King! Finally, you will also fill the free games meter to trigger up to 50 Free Games

Return to Player

  • The overall theoretical return to player is 96.0%

Game Rules

  • Choose your bet value

  • Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the paytable.

Cluster Pay

  • A winning cluster is made up of 5 or more vertically and/or horizontally adjacent positions containing the same symbol.

  • Wild substitutes for all symbols and can be part of multiple clusters.

  • There is no pay for Wilds, and Wilds cannot appear in clusters by themselves.

  • There must be at least 1 non-Wild symbol in a cluster.

  • Only the highest win is paid for each winning cluster

Cascading Symbols

  • Whenever there is a win, all winning symbols are removed.

  • Symbols above the blank positions drop down to fill these positions.

  • New symbols are added to all new blank positions and wins are evaluated again.

  • When there are no more wins, the game is complete.

Targets, Levels and Locations

  • There are 3 locations. Location 1 and 2 have 3 levels each, and Location 3 has 2 levels

  • Each level has a Target pattern overlayed on the reel window

  • Each win on a position containing a target will decrement the value of that target

  • Symbols removed by Fury containing a target will decrement the value of that target

  • Target positions are not displayed during Free Games

  • Target positions cannot be decremented during Free Games

  • Targets with a value of zero are removed.

  • The level is complete when all targets are removed.

  • The next level begins at the completion of the game and all Free Games that may have been triggered on that game.

  • At the completion of Location 3, Level 2, the game returns to Location 1, Level 1

Hero Symbols

  • If an initial spin results in no winning combinations, there is a chance that a Hero Symbol may randomly appear on the reels

  • Hero Symbols can only be triggered immediately after initial spin and not on subsequent cascades

  • Hero Symbols can be 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 in size

  • Only 1 symbol per level can be added as a Hero Symbol

  • On Level 1, only Symbol H can be added as aHero Symbol

  • Each time a level is cleared, the symbol is upgraded to the next highest symbol on the paytable:

  • Location 1Level 1Purple Gem

  • Location 1Level 2Dark Blue Gem

  • Location 1Level 3Green Gem

  • Location 2Level 1Light Blue Gem

  • Location 2Level 2Orange Gem

  • Location 2Level 3Pink Gem

  • Location 3Level 1Yellow Gem

  • Location 3Level 2Red Gem

Boss Bonus

  • Every win increases the Boss Bonus by 15%

  • Each time a Location is cleared, 1 spin of the Boss Bonus Wheel Feature is awarded

  • If the Boss Bonus wheel lands on win, then the amount displayed on the Boss Bonus meter is awarded.

  • If the Boss Bonus is won, the Boss Bonus meter resets to zero.

  • If the Boss Bonus is not won, then the amount is carried over to the next Location.

Hero Powers

  • The Hero has 3 powers: Magic, Counter Attack, & Fury

  • Magic:

  • 9 Wilds are added to the reels in random positions

  • Magic can only be triggered immediately after initial spin and not on subsequent cascades

  • Counter Attack:

  • A target is chosen at random to be decremented by 1

  • Counter Attack is triggered if ther are no wins for three consecutive spins

  • Counter Attack can only be triggered during the base game

  • Fury:

  • A random number of symbols will be removed

  • If a symbol removed by Fury is on a Target Position then the Target is decremented

  • Fury can be triggered on cascades after the initial spin occurs

  • Magic and Fury can be triggered in the same spin across different cascades.

Free Games

  • There is a meter with 50 positions.

  • Each symbol removed in winning cascade increases the meter by 1 position.

  • If the meter reaches 50 or greater, the Free Games are triggered.

  • 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 or 50 Free Games are randomly awarded

  • Lucky Block Symbols can appear during the free games, with only the current Lucky Block symbol able to appear

  • Free Games have a Win Multiplier that is initially set at x1

  • For each cascade during the Free Games, the Win Multiplier is increased by 1

  • There is no cap on the Win Multiplier

  • Free games can be retriggered if the meter reaches 50 during a free game, with 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 or 50 extra Free Games awarded

  • Magic can be triggered during the Free Games.

  • Fury can be triggered during the Free Games.

  • Counter Attack cannot be triggered during the Free Games.

  • Bet value is the same as the game that triggered the Free Games.

How to Play

  • Select the bet value

  • Press the Spin Button to start game

Autoplay Options (if available)

  • Number of Spins: The Autoplay session will stop when the selected number of spins has been reached.

  • Loss Limit: The Autoplay session will stop if your total loss for the Autospin session is equal to or exceeds the selected limit.

  • Single Win Limit: The Autoplay session will stop if the win on a single spin is equal to or exceeds the selected limit.

How to Calculate Wins

  • Each symbol's payout is listed in the paytable for all wins

Game Options

  • Click the options icon to expand or collapse the options tray

  • Volume - Turns the sounds on or off

  • Paytable - Explains the main features in the game, displays all payouts and shows the lines or ways to win

  • Settings - Volume, Sound and Music

  • Game Rules - Opens the rules of the game

  • History - If this feature is enabled on your gaming website, you may review and replay your last 10 game rounds

Game Panel

  • Bet - The bet is always 20 per spin.

  • Bet Value - Changes the Total Bet size by changing the bet value.

  • Total bet - Shows the total bet at the selected bet value multiplied by the bet.

  • Max Bet - Sets the bet value to the largest available. Pressing the button a second time returns it to its original state (Desktop only)

  • Spin Button - Starts the game

  • Autoplay Button (if available) - Opens the Autoplay Options. If Autoplay is active, clicking the button stops Autoplay.

  • % Button (if available) - Opens the RTP Information Panel, which displays RTP and Maximum win information

  • Win - Displays the win for the current or last payout step.

  • Balance - Displays the player's account balance.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Space Bar - Press the space bar to spin

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (or currency equivalent. Other Operator limits may apply).

Last modification date: 11/3/2021