Jackpot Jester 50k

Game Rules

  • Play 5 lines (Bet 10 or Bet 20)
  • Bet 20 wins transfer to SUPER GAME meter
  • Payouts are made according to the Paytable
  • Coinciding wins on different paylines are added
  • All symbols pay Left to Right
  • JESTER is WILD and substitutes for all symbols
  • RTP is95.08%.


  • Play 5 lines (Bet 100)
  • The SUPER GAME can be initiated when 100 coins are accumulated in the SUPER GAME meter during
  • Bet 20 play
  • To enable the SUPER GAME, press the SUPER GAME button
  • Press COLLECT at any time to transfer SUPER GAME coins back to Bet 10 or Bet 20 play

How to Play

  • Press the ‘BET’ Button to choose either the Bet 10 or Bet 20 coin option.
  • You can change the denomination of coin you are betting by clicking the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ buttons located abovethe ‘COLLECT’ button.
  • Press ‘-‘ to reduce the coin denomination and ‘+’ to increase the denomination shown.
  • The real money value of your stake is displayed in the TOTAL STAKE meter at the bottom of the game.
  • Press ‘SPIN’ when you want to play a game at your current denomination and Bet level.
  • Press ‘MAX BET’ to BET 20 coins at the currently selected denomination and spin the Reels.
  • The aim of the game is to get combinations of 3 identical symbols on any or all of the 5 availablepaylines.
  • The game is always played on 5 paylines- this cannot be adjusted.
  • Jester symbols are WILD and substitute for all other symbols in a combination.
  • For each set of 3 matching symbols on a specified line, you will be paid a Prize in coins of the winningsymbol combination’s value (according to the Paytable) multiplied by your Bet.
  • There is a separate, unique paytable used for play at each coin Bet Value.
  • If you are playing at BET 10, your prize will be added to the available COINS Meter.
  • The BALANCE meter shows the value of your available COINS in real currency.
  • If you are playing at BET 20, your prize in coins will be added to the SUPER GAME Meter.
  • Once you have collected 100 coins in the SUPER GAME meter you will be able to transfer to Super Gameplay by pressing the ‘SUPER GAME’ button. 
  • The top prizes in the Super Game are much bigger, and include the chance to win the top prize of 50,000coins, which can be won only by getting a symbol combination of 9 Jesters.
  • To play the Super Game you must Bet 100 coins for each spin, so if you want to play several Super Gamespins in a row, you will either have to win a large prize, or save up your prizes won during BET 20 play.
  • Press either ‘MAX BET’ or ‘SPIN’ to play the Super Game.
  • At any time during the Super Game or BET 20 play you can collect the remaining prizes accumulated inthe SUPER GAME meter by pressing the ‘COLLECT’ button.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

Controls Summary



‘-‘ : Decreases the denomination of the coins bet.

 ‘+’ : Increases the denomination of the coins bet.

‘COLLECT’ : Collect any coins shown in the SUPER GAME meter back to the COINS meter.

‘SUPER GAME’ : Transfer to Super Game play. Becomes available when 100 coins have beenaccumulated in the SUPER GAME meter.

‘BET’ : Changes between BET 10 and BET 20 options.

‘MAX BET’ : Selects the BET 20 option at the current coin denomination, and spins the Reels.

‘SPIN’ : Spins the reels at the currently selected BET and denomination value.


SUPER GAME : Shows the number of Prize coins that have been accumulated for Super Game play.

COINS : Shows the BALANCE of the players available funds converted to coins at the currently selecteddenomination.

WIN : Shows how many coins have been won in the last spin.

BET : Shows how many coins at the currently selected denomination will be wagered on the next spin.



‘[MUTE]’ : Toggles all sounds Off or On.


BALANCE : Shows the value of the players available funds in currency.

WIN : Shows the currency value of coins won in the last spin.

TOTAL STAKE : Shows the currency value that will be wagered on the next spin.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000


Last modification date: 6/5/2020