Sinful Spins

Sinful Spins is a 5-reel, 20-payline bonus slots game. The goal is to achieve a winning combination of objects along any of 20 paylines.

Regular Play

Malfunction Voids All Pays and Play

Pays left to right on consecutive reels

Only the highest win on a pay line pays

Note: The icons must be beside each other with no other icons in between them in order to win.

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You can view the different paylines, payouts and each winning combination by clicking the PAYS button. On wins, the winning payline will highlight and display the number of credits won. Only the highest winning combination is paid per line.

How To Play

Select Credit Value

Use the up and down arrows to adjust your credit value (the coin denomination being used).

The CREDITS field shows your balance, converted into the credit value you have selected. For example, if your balance is 100.00 and you select a credit value of 0.05, the credit display will show 2000 credits (worth 0.05 each). With the same 100.00 balance, if you select a credit value of 0.10, the credit display will show 1000 credits (worth 0.10 each).

Higher credit denominations: 1K=1000, 1M=1 000 000, 1B=1 000 000 000.

The Won field displays main game payline winnings in credits.

Place Bets

The buttons marked 1 - 5 will place a bet of 1 to 5 credits on each of the 20 paylines for a bet of between 20 and 100 credits per spin. All bets are on all 20 lines.

Click SPIN to spin the reels. You can also use the space bar on your keyboard to spin the reels. The details of your last bet are kept in memory, so clicking SPIN or hitting the space bar will repeat your last bet.

During a spin, click Stop to stop the reel animation and just see the final result of the spin.

Wild Card Icon

Wild Icon

This Wild icon substitutes for all regular icons, except the Bonus icon, in order to get a winning combination. It is also a pay icon itself. This means that in addition to paying out on 2, 3, 4 or 5 Wild icons (from left to right), it's also used to complete the other combinations.

Expanding Wild Feature

The game awards 3 free spins whenever a wild symbol appears anywhere on the 3rd reel. The 3rd reel will expand so then entire reel is wild for the next 3 spins. This can greatly increase your payouts on the 3 free spins because the Wild symbol in the middle reel increases your chances of getting winning combinations.

Gamble Feature

For every regular payline win, you can click Gamble to play a double-or-nothing game.

If you change your mind, click Collect to collect all your winnings and return to the main game.

You will see a card face down. Guess whether it will be RED or BLACK. The card is then turned over.

If you guessed correctly, your winnings are doubled. If you guessed incorrectly, your winnings total will return to 0.

If you win, you can gamble your new winnings on the next card or you can add the winnings to your account by clicking the Collect button. Every bet is double or nothing, so the amount you can win is exactly twice the current bet. You can never lose more than the amount of your original bet though.

  • Gamble offer expires after 7 seconds and win is auto-collected.
  • Click SPIN or Collect to decline the Gamble offer.
  • If timer has not expired and you don’t click Collect before exiting game after a win, the next session will resume to last spin and Gamble offer.
  • Every round uses a card from a fresh deck, so the odds are 50/50 every time.
  • Gamble is only activated on regular play, non-bonus wins. Any bonus winnings will not be included.
  • Gamble is not available during or immediately after free spins.

You can continue gambling your wins until you guess incorrectly or your potential winnings exceed the maximum win limit. You'll see a message if you are about to make a bet that would put you over the limit.

Bonus Game

Bonus Icon

The Bonus game is activated when you accumulate 4 Sinful Spins icons on the 5th reel. Every time it appears, one of the Sinful Spins circles to the left of the reel panel will light up. During free spins, tokens are not accumulated.

Once all 4 Sinful Spins circles are lit up, the bonus is triggered. The display changes to show 4 separate reel panels and a thermometer. Click on the Spin button for each reel panel, one at a time. Click Stop to stop the reels, or you can wait until the reels stop by themselves. You can also click Autospin to have the reels start automatically. Any Sinful Spins icons on the reels when they stop are added to your total and the thermometer rises. The bonus is in 3 rounds, with each set of reels being spun once in each round.

Since there are a total of 60 individual reels being spun and there is only 1 Sinful Spins icon on each reel, the maximum number you can win is 60.

As you collect Sinful Spins icons, the thermometer rises. Beside the thermometer, the possible bonus prizes are shown, with larger prizes corresponding to more Sinful Spins icons. If the thermometer rises past the 10x Multiplier line, the amounts you win are multiplied by 10. For example, if you collected 45 Sinful Spins icons, the bonus amount is 150, but since that's above the 10x Multiplier line, you'd win 150 multiplied by the number of credits bet per line multiplied by 10. The game uses the average number of credits bet on each spin since you last triggered the bonus, so if the average number of credits per line was 2, and you won 130 in the bonus round, your winnings would be 260 credits. Any decimals are always rounded up.

At the end of the bonus round, your total bonus winnings are displayed in credits in a pop-up window.

If you exit the game and then return, you will still have the same number of circles lit up as when you left, unless you are playing in demo mode (playing for fun money without logging in), in which case each game starts anew.

Auto Spin: In jurisdictions where this feature is available, you can have your bet repeated for 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 spins. Click the AUTOSPIN button and select the number from the pop-up menu, then click Start.

Click on STOP to cancel Autospin.

Autospin must be reactivated after a bonus.

Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Game Options

Go to Main Menu - Options to bring up the following menu:

Sound Effects: This turns the game sounds (such as the beeps when you click on the buttons) on and off.

Ambient Sound: This will turn on the sounds of a normal Casino, such as people talking in the background. (These sounds are very quiet compared to the other sounds.)

High Quality Graphics: You can uncheck this if you are experiencing slowdowns in play because of your computer's processing abilities. Note: Slowdowns in play can also be the result of Internet-related issues such as peak usage periods.

Full Animations: You can uncheck this to have the reels just appear in the final position without showing the spinning animations if your computer is having performance problems.

Fit To Window: Check this to stretch the game to match the size of the window.

Last modification date: 10/14/2020