Gem Rocks

Game Rules


Gem Rocks is a 6 x 4 Video Slot with 8 regular symbols that pay if 3 or more of a kind are present in
consecutive columns from the left.


The game features dropdown wins, meaning that winning symbols disappear from the game when
hit, leaving room for new symbols to drop down. New symbols continue to drop down as long as new
winning combinations are formed. Drop down wins are played with the same ways and bet as the
activating spin. When 4 or more identical symbols land in a square formation they may appear as
one symbol though function as individual symbols. They may also split up into individual 1x1 symbols
when the reels have stopped spinning. Up to 9 consecutive wins are recorded in the Gem Rock
Meter after which point the meter stops recording more wins. The meter is reset each time the
player misses a consecutive win.


The Gem Rock feature is activated after a player has 2,5 and 9 consecutive drop down wins (as
indicated in the Gem Rock Meter on the left or top of the screen). This feature awards a single
Monster Rock which lands on top of the reels and is made up of identical symbols. The Gem Rock
feature guarantees a win. Its size is determined in the following way:

  • 2 consecutive wins award: a 2x2 Monster Rock
  • 5 consecutive wins award: a 3x3 Monster Rock
  • 9 consecutive wins award: a 4x4 Monster Rock


  • Select the coin denomination.
  • Press the Spin button to start game


  1. To calculate the total 4096 Ways to Win coin win, add all the symbol wins together.
  2. To calculate a single symbol win, count the number of consecutive reels that contain the symbol,starting from the left.
  3. If the number of consecutive reels containing the symbol is 3 or greater counting from the left, find the corresponding win amount in the pay table.
  4. If any of the reels contain more than 1 instance of the symbols, the win will be multiplied. Multiply the number of symbols on each of the reels to get the final multiplier. For example: if the first reel contain 2 symbols, the second reel has 3 symbols and the third reel has 2 symbols, the total multiplier is counted as follows: 2*3*2=12(total multiplier).
  5.  Calculate the total win in the home currency by multiplying the total coin win with the coin value.


  • This game features coin values of less than 1 cent per coin (in select currencies). When players use a coin value of less than 1 cent per coin, their cash prizes will be rounded to FULL cents in a fair way.
  • The prizes are rounded to the closest FULL cent. 1.4 rounds to 1 and 1.6 rounds to 2.
  • If a win is exactly between two values (e.g 2.5 cents), the rounding goes to the closest EVEN cent (will not round to an ODD amount).

1.5, 3.5, 5.5, 7.5, 9.5 rounds up.
0.5, 2.5, 4.5, 6.5, 8.5 rounds down.

  • Casinos always store balances in cash. When a player chooses ‘coin view’ their cash balance is recalculated into coins.
  • When players choose to display their balance in coins, they will sometimes see a rounding take place when their coin win is added to their balance.
  • For example if they win 27 coins with a coin value of 0.002, their cash win will be 5.4 cents.The cash win is rounded to 5 cents and 25 coins are added to their balance.


A) Ways to Win – Displays the number of ways to win. The number of ways does not change
B) Coin Value – Changes the bet size by changing the coin value. To transform any bet or win in
coins to the home currency, multiply the coin amount (50) by the coin value.
C) Bet – The bet is always 50 coins per spin.
D) Max Bet – Sets the coin value to the largest available. Pressing the button a second time returns
it to its original state.
E) Spin Button – Starts the game. When the reels are spinning, the spin button transforms into the
Stop Button. Pressing the Stop Button stops the reels immediately.
F) Autoplay – Players can make the game play without pressing the spin button each time. Choose
the number of rounds to auto play by pressing the Autoplay button. Players can choose additional
conditions for when to stop autoplay in the Game Settings. The loss limit in some game client
versions prevent players from losing above a set limit during an autoplay session. Pressing the
Autoplay button a second time stops the autoplay.
G) Win – Displays the win for the current or last win payout step.
H) Balance – Displays the player's account balance. If cash view is chosen, this field displays the
player's balance in their home currency. If coin view is chosen, this field displays their available
coins based on the current coin value. Should a player change their coin value, the balance field will
update with the new amount of their available coins.
I) Cash/Coin view – Players can choose to view the Bet size and Balance in cash or coins. If players
choose cash, the game will transform all values in coins to cash by multiplying the coin amount with
their coin value. Players can switch between Cash and Coin view by the settings option or by
pressing the Bet field or Balance field.



The overall theoretical return to player is 96.2%.

Options Panel

  • The options icon expands and collapses the options tray.
  • Opens the paytable.
  • Opens the Settings.
  • Opens the game history.
  • Displays the game rules.
  • Turns the sound on and off.
  • Opens the games in Fullscreen mode

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000.

Last modification date: 10/14/2020