Ultimate Blackjack with Olivia

About this Game

  • lThis is a single-hand, non-hole card game with a 6 Card Charlie advantage.
  • lThe 6 Card Charlie rule applies only to the player and is further described in the ‘Scoring Rules’ section. l The object of the game is to beat the dealer without going bust.
  • lYou win if your hand’s total does not exceed 21 and you either outscore the dealer or

get a 6 Card Charlie. You also win if the dealer goes bust.

Game Features

l Insurance is available. l Double down is available on any 2 initial cards. l Split is available on any 2 initial cards that have the same value. l 6 Card Charlie beats any dealer hand. l This game features 21+3™ Side bet. l Hole card is not used. l Surrender is not available.

Dealing Rules

  • lThe first three cards are dealt face up: 1 to the player, then 1 to the dealer followed by a second card to the player; the fourth card is dealt for the dealer, face down.
  • lThe game is played with 6 decks of 52 cards, which are shuffled before each game round.
  • lThe dealer stands on all 17. l The maximum number of cards for the dealer is 11, after which the dealer stands. l The maximum number of cards for a player hand is 6.

Hand Limit

l The game is played with 1 hand of cards, which can be split into 2 hands to be played separately. l The maximum number of hands for the player is 2.

Card Values

  • lAces can have a value of either 1 or 11.
  • lAll face cards have a value of 10. l Number cards correspond to their number.

Betting and Payout Rules

  • lThis game has minimum and maximum bet limits. l These limits apply to the main bet placed at the betting stage.
  • lYour bet from the previous round within the same game session is automatically rebet on return to the betting stage. l In case of insufficient funds, the game will re-bet the maximum available amount. l To calculate your payout, divide the odds. l For example 2:1, divide 2 by 1=2. l Multiply this result by your regular bet + regular bet = your total win. l Payouts:
  • lBlackjack: 3:2 l 6 Card Charlie: 1:1 l Standard win: 1:1 l Insurance win: 2:1 l Push: bet returned l 21+3 Side bet payouts: l Suited Three of a Kind: 100:1 l Straight Flush: 40:1 l Three of a Kind: 25:1 l Straight: 10:1 l Flush: 5:1

Side Bet Rules

  • l21+3 Side bet gives you a chance to win if the first two cards of your hand and the dealer’s face-up card combine to make one of the three-card poker hands below. l Suited Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value/face card and the same suit.
  • lStraight Flush: Three cards of consecutive values that are all in the same suit.

    Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value/face card.

  • lStraight: Three cards of consecutive values, such as 2-3-4. l Flush: Three cards in the same suit. l Aces can be high or low. l Side bets are optional bets that can be made in addition to a main bet. l Side bet winnings are independent of the game round outcome.

Decision Options

  • lAfter receiving 2 initial cards, you are provided with up to 5 decision options: l Stand:
  • lWhen 'STAND' is selected, no more cards are dealt to your active hand, and the hand is considered complete.
  • lHit:
  • lWhen 'HIT' is selected, the dealer adds 1 card to your active hand.
  • lThis option is available for any incomplete hand, except for a hand derived from the split of 2 Aces. l Double Down:
  • lThe option is available on any 2 initial cards, provided that the hand is incomplete and

    was not derived from a split.

  • lWhen ‘DOUBLE’ is selected, you receive only 1 extra card before automatically standing. l You can double down only once per game round.
  • lWhen the 'DOUBLE' button is pressed, your initial bet amount doubles and the total bet cost increases accordingly.
  • lSplit: l You can split any 2 initial cards of the same value. l You can split only once per game round.
  • lWhen 'SPLIT' is selected, your original hand is split into 2 hands to be played separately.
  • lIf you split a hand comprised of 2 Aces, only 1 extra card is dealt to each hand before automatically standing.
  • lThe bet per each of the split hands is equal to your initial bet, so the cost of your total bet doubles when 'SPLIT' is selected. l Insurance:
  • lIf the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you are offered insurance against the dealer getting a blackjack.

    An insurance bet costs half of your regular bet amount.

  • lInsurance is offered only once per game round, after the initial deal. l Your insurance bet wins if the dealer gets a blackjack.

Scoring Rules

  • lThe game may end in one of the following ways: l Blackjack: l You get an Ace and a 10-value card on the first deal. l The hand must contain only 2 cards and cannot be derived from a split. l When you get a blackjack, your hand will automatically stand. l Standard Win:
  • lYou get a higher score than the dealer without exceeding the total of 21, or the dealer goes bust.
  • lIf you score 21, your hand will automatically stand. l 6 Card Charlie: l You have 6 cards in your hand, and the hand’s total score does not exceed 21. l 6 Card Charlie beats any dealer hand and will automatically stand. l Push: l Your hand and the dealer’s hand score the same. l Blackjack and 21 are not equal and do not count as ‘Push’.
  • lBust scores do not count as ‘Push’.
  • lBust:
  • lYour hand’s total score exceeds 21. l If you go bust, your hand will automatically stand. l Standard Loss:
  • lYou get a lower score than the dealer. l Insurance Win: l You take insurance and the dealer gets a blackjack. l Insurance win pays 2:1 of the insurance bet. l Insurance Loss: l You take insurance, but the dealer does not get a blackjack. l Special Considerations:
  • lIn case of a split, payout for each hand is calculated separately and follows the

standard payout schedule.

Payout for an insurance bet is calculated separately and is independent of the overall game result.

Translation of Game Terms

l Blackjack - Blackjack. l 6 Card Charlie - 6 Card Charlie.

Game Settings

  • lGENERAL l Enable Sounds: Enables or disables overall sound playback in the game.
  • lEnable Subtitles: Enables or disables subtitles in the game. l Background Music: Controls the volume of background music in the game.
  • lVIDEO QUALITY l Auto: Enables or disables automatic video quality adjustment.
  • lHigh: Adjusts the video to high quality.
  • lMedium: Adjusts the video to medium quality. l Low: Adjusts the video to low quality.

Game Controls

  • lChip selection area: Displays the chip sizes available in the game.


  • lBetting circle: Places your bet on the table. The chip stack increases by the chip size currently selected.


  • l21+3 Side bet betting circle: Places your Side bet on the table. The chip stack increases by the chip size currently selected.


    DOUBLE button: During the betting stage, it doubles your current bet and is available until the bet limit is reached.

  • lDuring the playing stage, the button doubles your current bet and is only available on

    your 2 initial cards. You receive only 1 extra card and then automatically stand.


  • lUNDO button: Revokes your last action when pressed briefly. When pressed and held, clears all chips from the table.


  • lREBET button: Replaces your last active bet.


  • lDEAL button: Confirms your bet and starts the game round.


  • lMENU button: Displays a menu of general game options.


  • lCLOSE button: Closes the game menu.


    BACK button: Takes you back to the previous screen.


    HIT button: Adds another card to your hand.


  • lSTAND button: Marks current hand as complete.


  • lSPLIT button: Splits your original hand into 2 hands to be played separately.


  • lLobby button: Exits your game and takes you to a Lobby where you can select a similar game to play.


  • lYES button: Places an insurance bet against the dealer getting blackjack.


  • lNO button: Opts out of insurance.


    Blackjack icon: appears next to the relevant hand in case of a blackjack.


    Bust icon: appears next to the hand that goes bust.


  • lInsurance icon: appears next to the dealer’s hand if insurance has been taken.


  • lSound On button: The sounds and music are on, clicking it turns the game sounds off.


  • lSound Off button: Sounds and music off, clicking it turns the game sounds on.
  • lTotal Bet: Displays the current total bet.
  • lLast Win: Displays the last amount won. Replaces ‘Total Bet’ and appears on return to the game only if the last result of the previous game session was a win.
  • lBalance: Displays the account balance in selected currency. l Bet range: Minimum and maximum bet and betting range. l Number of card decks: Displays the amount of card decks used in the game.

Additional Information

  • lThis game is played with a recorded video of the dealer. l Some settings and features may not be available in this game. l Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • lThe balance is updated when the deal is initiated; if ‘DOUBLE’, ‘SPLIT’, and/or Insurance are selected; and in case of a win.

In the event of a disconnection, any changes in Balance and/or the Last Win amount are displayed on return to the game.

  • lIf disconnection occurs during an unresolved game round, the game resumes from the moment disrupted. l Any features in progress that require interaction or selection can be continued.
  • lIf a request does not reach the server before disconnection, the data from the previous game played will be displayed.
  • lAny changes to game rules will be conducted in accordance with regulatory


Return to Player

  • lThe Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of the total money

    bet in a game that is paid out as winnings over time.

  • lValues are calculated initially by dividing the total possible payouts by the total possible outcomes that are available within the game.
  • lValues reflect the maximum expected return and do not change. l Overall RTP: 99.51%. l Insurance: 92.60%. l Side Bet (21+3): 92.86%.

Last modification date: 1/11/2023