Live Common Draw Blackjack Low Limit


Game Overview

  • Live Common Draw Blackjack is a mutiplayer common draw Blackjack game. The game is played with 6 decks of cards and is hosted by a live dealer.
  • The cards are shuffled using either automatic or manual shuffling procedures. When using an automatic shuffling machine the cards are shuffled at the end of each game round. When shuffling manually play continues until the dealer comes to a black insert card which indicates that it is time to reshuffle, the cards will be reshuffled at the end of the current game round.
  • The object of the game is to create a hand with a value that is equal to or closer to 21 than the dealer's hand without going over.
  • The minimum and maximum bets for the table are displayed on the MIN/MAX section of the screen.
  • Payouts are made according to the Paytable. To view the Paytable, open the Information Menu.
  • When the table is closing, the dealer will inform you of the remaining number of game rounds. You will then be directed to the casino lobby.

Game Functions

  • The table below lists the different buttons found in the game and describes their functions.




Click to double your bet and receive one additional card.


Click to receive an additional card.


Click to receive no additional cards and play your hand.


Click to split your hand into two separate hands and double your initial bet.


Click to clear all bets from the table.


Click to repeat the same bet as the previous game round.

 Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 15.26.49

Indicates the quality of the network and stream connection. If green, the player has a strong connection. If yellow, some issues have been detected and if red, the player’s gaming experience may be impacted.


Click to play the game in full screen mode.


Click to open the Game Settings menu and configure various game options. The menu contains options for:

  • Chat
  • Audio
  • Video quality

Click to mute and unmute all game sound.


Click to open the information menu. The menu includes items for:

  • Game rules
  • Game history
  • Paytable

Placing Bets

  • At the start of a game round the dealer invites you to place your bets. The bet timer begins to count down in seconds.
  • To place a bet, select a chip value and click on the betting box. Additional clicks on the betting box place additional chips of the same value.
  • Any bets placed that are below the minimum bet limit for the table are not valid and will not be accepted by the dealer.
  • Any bets placed that are above the maximum bet limit for the table are automatically adjusted to match the maximum limit.
  • At the close of betting, the value of all placed bets is withdrawn from your casino balance.

The Card Stream

  • Live Common Draw Blackjack is common draw game, which means all players at the table play the game from a common set of cards placed on the table. This common set of cards is called the card stream.
  • After the close of betting, the dealer deals one card face up to themselves, and two cards face up into the card stream. The dealer's first card is not part of the stream.
  • Based on the value of the two cards dealt into the card stream and the dealer's card, you and each player at the table will decide how to proceed with the hand according to Blackjack rules.
  • If you decide to hit, double, or split, the next card or cards dealt into the stream are counted toward those decisions.
  • If you decide to stand, or your hand busts, cards may continue to be dealt into the card stream as other players at the table have not yet completed their hands.
  • Once all players have concluded their hands, the dealer draws a card or cards to their own hand.
  • The game round is finished when the dealer concludes their hand. The dealer then clears the table and all winning bets are paid.

Playing Your Hand

  • Number cards (2-10) count as face value, aces count as either 1 or 11, and kings, queens, and jacks count as 10.
  • A Soft hand is a hand with an ace that can be counted as either 1 or 11 without busting.
  • A Hard hand is a hand without an ace, or a hand with an ace that can only have a value of 1.
  • After the first 2 cards are dealt into the card stream, the action timer begins to count down. You have 3 available options:
    • Hit. The dealer gives you an additional card.
    • Stand. Take no additional cards and play your hand as is.
    • Double. Double the value of your initial bet and receive one additional card before your hand automatically stands. You can also double after a split.
    • After doubling on a soft 9, 10, or 11, the resulting hand is always hard.
  • Depending on your cards and the dealer's card, you may additionally have the options to split, take even money or take insurance.
    • Split
    • If the first two cards in the card stream have the same value, you can split them into separate hands.
    • Splitting doubles your initial bet, and you play both hands, one after the other.
    • After splitting Aces you will receive only one additional card for each split hand.
    • For all split hands except split aces, you can hit multiple times.
    • In a split hand, an Ace and a card with a value of 10 will be counted as 21 and not Blackjack.
    • Insurance
    • If the dealer's first card is an Ace, you can buy insurance.
    • Insurance costs half the value of the initial bet and pays 2 to 1 if the dealer gets Blackjack.
    • If you take the insurance and the dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose the insurance bet.
    • Even Money
    • If you have Blackjack, and the dealer's card is an ace, you can choose to take even money.
    • Even money pays 1:1.
  • If you do not select any options for your hand before the timer ends, your hand automatically stands.
  • If you decide to double, split, or take insurance when there is insufficient money in your account, your hand automatically stands.

Hand Results

  • If the first two cards in the card stream total 21, you have Blackjack.
  • Blackjack always beats any other hand with a value of 21.
  • If your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer's hand without going over, you win.
  • If the dealer's hand is closer to 21 without going over, you lose.
  • The dealer must hit up to 16 and stand on soft 17 or higher.
  • Hands of equal value are a push, and your bet is returned.
  • If your hand is 22 or higher (busted), you lose regardless of the value of the dealer's hand.
  • Your hand automatically stands when it has a value of 21.


  • The chat feature allows you to communicate with the dealer and other players at the same table.
  • To send a message, type your message in the text field and press Enter.
  • To hide the chat, clear the chat option in the Game Settings menu.
  • In addition to player communication, the chat may at times be used by the casino pit boss to forward important information about the game status.
  • Chat communications are monitored for inappropriate language and behaviour. See Operator website for more details.
  • Any messages sent by you are stored for a period of 1 year.
  • The chat system only supports the English character set.

Blackjack Billboard

  • The billboard displays statistical information about previous and current game round results.
  • Dealer's Last 10 Hands. Displays the value of the dealer's hands for the last 10 game rounds.
  • Dealer's Last 100 Hands. Displays the percentage of dealer's busts and blackjacks for the last 100 game rounds.
  • Last Hand - All Players. Displays the percentage of players that won or had their bets pushed in the previous game round.
  • Actions in Current Hand. Displays the percentage of players that have decided to hit, stand, split or double after a card has been dealt into the card stream.

Return to Player

  • The theoretical return to player for this game is 99.50%

Play for fun

  • New Live Casino players may have the option to play for fun. When playing for fun players are granted a defined number of play for fun game rounds. When the play for fun game rounds are depleted the player will be asked to play at a ‘real’ game table.
  • Players can change to a ‘real’ game table at any time by clicking the ‘CLICK TO PLAY FOR REAL’ button when playing for fun.
  • When playing for fun players are granted a ‘fun’ balance that will refresh automatically when depleted. The play for fun game balance and game rounds are non-transferable.
  • When playing for fun the game history function is disabled.

Additional Information

  • The following game features and settings may be subject to the terms and conditions of the gaming site. For more information on the following, refer to the gaming website:
    • The procedures used to manage unfinished game rounds.
    • The time after which inactive game sessions automatically end.
  • In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets refunded.
  • If a player’s game round ends, in the event of a bust or blackjack, the game bets and payouts are made irrespective of if the game round gets cancelled.
  • Live Casino games require you to make game-play decisions within specific time periods. Having slow network speed or lower performance of your device can impact your overall game experience and restrict time available to make game-play decisions.