Turbo Multifire Roulette

About this Game

  • lThis game has numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36 on the roulette wheel. l The game is based on the standard European style Roulette, including:
  • lRacetrack (Bets Track) l Special Bets

Payout Rules

  • lYou can place different regular bet types on the table.
  • lThese are Inside Bets and Outside Bets. l You can also place Neighbour Bets and Call Bets.
  • lEvery time you spin, there is a random selection of between one and five Straight Up numbers.
  • lEach randomly selected number has a randomly selected multiplier value awarded to that number. l The multiplier values start at x50 and are up to x500. l This determines the odds of the payout awarded on each Straight up number. l Each bet type has a maximum betting limit. l To calculate your payout, divide the odds. l For example 2:1, divide 2 by 1=2. l Multiply the result by your regular bet + regular bet = your total win. l Inside Bets: l Straight Up Bet: 29:1 to 499:1 l Split Bet: 17:1 l Street bet: 11:1 l Square Bet: 8:1 l Line Bet: 5:1 l Outside Bets: l Column Bet: 2:1 l Dozen Bet: 2:1 l Even-Money Bet: 1:1

Inside Bets

  • lStraight Up Bet: l This is also known as Single Number Bet or Single Bet. l An Inside Bet on a single number. l The chip is placed in the centre of the number. l Split Bet: l This is also known as Upwards and Sideways Double Bet.
  • lAn Inside Bet on two adjacent numbers. l The chip is placed on the line that separates the numbers. l Street Bet: l This is also known as Three in a Row Bet. l An Inside Bet on any three numbers in a row. l The chip is placed on the outside line at the start of the row. l Square Bet: l This is also known as Box of Four Bet or Corner Bet. l An Inside Bet on a block of four numbers. l The chip is placed on the spot in the centre of your four Straight Up numbers.
  • lLine Bet:
  • lThis is also known as Six-Number Line Bet, Six-Line Bet or Box of Six Bet. l An Inside Bet on six numbers, comprising two adjacent rows.
  • lThe chip is placed on the line above Dozen Bets so that it rests between the two rows

that you want to cover.

Outside Bets

  • lColumn Bet: l An Outside Bet on one of the three vertical columns. l The chip is placed at the bottom of the columns. l Dozen Bet: l An Outside Bet on twelve numbers - either High, Middle or Low. l The chip is placed on one of the following areas: First 12, Second 12 or Third 12. l Even-Money Bet:
  • lAn Outside Bet on eighteen numbers.
  • lThe chip is placed on one of the following squares, Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18 (Halves) or 19-36 (Halves).


  • lUse the Racetrack to quickly place multiple bets on the roulette table.
  • lNeighbour Bets: l These are bets placed on the neighbouring numbers of a Straight Up Bet.
  • lNeighbour Bets are allocated as the numbers appear on the roulette wheel and not as they appear on the roulette table. l Call Bets:
  • lThese are multiple number bets, grouped together for easy placement on the roulette table.

Special Bets

  • lUse the special bets feature to quickly place Call Bets.
  • lThese are multiple number bets, grouped together for easy placement on the roulette table. l To place special Call Bets: l Select Special Bets. l Select or hover over the bet name to view their bet placement. l Select Place to automatically place the bets on the table.


  • lAutoplay allows a selected number of spins to play out automatically.
  • lSpins are played at the current selected bet. l The number of spins remaining in the Autoplay session is displayed in the game.
  • lLoss Limit: Sets a loss limit for the Autoplay session. Autoplay ends if the balance decreases by this amount.
  • lWin Limit: Sets a win limit for the Autoplay session. Autoplay ends if a single win

reaches this amount.


  • lMinimum and maximum bet limits apply to: l (1)Each bet position on the bet board. l (2)The total amount of all bets placed on the bet board.
  • lFull details of the bet limits can be viewed on the Paytable which is accessed via the game main menu.

Tumblers and Multipliers

  • lEach game has between 1 to 5 randomly selected tumblers. Each tumbler contains: l (1)A randomly selected straight up number between 0 to 36. l (2)A randomly selected multiplier ranging from x50 to x500.
  • lThe payout of straight up bets that match a tumbler’s straight up number are multiplied by the corresponding multiplier as follows: l Multiplier / Payout:
  • l50 / 49:1 l 100 / 99:1 l 150 / 149:1 l 200 / 199:1 l 250 / 249:1 l 300 / 299:1 l 350 / 349:1 l 400 / 399:1 l 450 / 449:1 l 500 / 499:1 l For example: The tumbler reveals the number 5 with a x50 multiplier. If the player has a €1 bet on the number 5 and the game result = 5, they will win €49 + €1 (their bet), returning a total of €50.

Multiplier Probabilities

  • lThe probabilities of multipliers within the game is as follows:
  • lMutliplier / Probability
  • l50 / 38.26% l 100 / 42.20% l 150 / 3.80% l 200 / 8.96% l 250 / 0.68% l 300 / 2.04% l 350 / 0.68% l 400 / 0.54% l 450 / 0.41% l 500 / 2.44%

Return to Player (RTP)

  • lThe Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of the total money

    bet in a game that is paid out as winnings over time.

  • lValues are calculated initially by dividing the total payouts by the total bets from a simulation of numerous game rounds. l Values reflect the maximum expected return and do not change. l Overall RTP: 97.30%. l The RTP of a Straight Up bet is dependent on the Straight Up bet type:
  • lStraight Up bet type / RTP % l Straight Up bet with no multiplier / 75.10%
  • lStraight Up bet with multiplier (Random multiplier between 50 and 500) / 22.20%

Game Controls

  • lRacetrack: Switches from bet board to Racetrack view.


  • lBet Board: Switches from Racetrack view back to original bet board.


  • lSpecial Bets: Opens the Special Bets selection menu.


  • lClear: Clears all the active bets from the bet board.


  • lUndo button: Cancels the last bet.


  • lChip Selector: You can view more chip sizes by selecting the chip.


  • lRandom 3: Randomly selects 3 numbers to place your bet on. You can select this multiple times before you spin.


  • lAutoplay button: Displays Autoplay options or starts Autoplay when options are open.


  • lAutoplay stop button: Ends the current Autoplay session.


  • lSpin button: Starts a reel spin.


  • lDouble: Doubles the active bets on the bet board.


  • lRebet: Rebets the last active bet.


  • lStatistics: Displays information about your last 100 spins.


  • lMenu button: Displays a menu of general game options.


  • lMenu close button: Closes the game menu.


  • lGame rules: Opens the game rules (accessible from the game menu).


  • lSettings button: Displays the game settings (accessible from the game menu).


  • lPaytable button: Displays payout tables and game rules (accessible from the game



  • lLobby button: Exits your game and takes you to a Lobby where you can select a similar game to play.

Additional Information

  • lSome settings and features may not be available in this game. l Malfunction voids all pays and plays.
  • lIn the event of a disconnection, the final game state is displayed on return to the game. l The balance is updated with the amount won or lost. l The results of the last game played are displayed.
  • lIf a request does not reach the casino server before disconnection, the results of the previous game played are displayed.

Last modification date: 8/23/2023