This game features only one reel on which it's possible for 3 types of symbol to land – the Green Crystal, Red Crystal and Golden Shield. The game also features a 20-step, ladder-style paytable. The aim of the game is to climb as high as possible up the paytable by collecting Green Crystals.


Each Green Crystal that lands will allow you to climb one step up the paytable ladder. You can choose to Continue, Take Half or Collect after a Green Crystal has landed.

Continue – stay in the game and continue to play with 100% of your potential winnings.

Take Half – cash out 50% of your potential winnings and continue to play the game round with the remaining 50%. Halving is only available if your currently accumulated win amount is equal or above 1.0 of the currency in which you are playing.

Collect – cash out all of your winnings and end the current game round.

The more Green Crystals that land, the greater your chances of landing a Red Crystal.

The chances of landing either a Green Crystal or a Red Crystal are shown as percentages above the reel. The displayed chance for a Green Crystal also applies for a Golden Shield. The percentages are rounded to 1 decimal place.


If you don't have an active Golden Shield when a Red Crystal lands, the current game round ends, you lose all your stacked win amount that has not been cashed out and you start from the bottom of the prize ladder.

If you have a Golden Shield active, landing a Red Crystal will break the shield and increase the next prizes on the ladder. You can then again choose to Continue, Take Half or Collect from the level reached.


Landing the Golden Shield will activate a shield to protect you from a Red Crystal. The Golden Shield will start automatic spins, where no decisions will be made after Green Crystals land as you have protection and cannot lose the prize. After the Golden Shield is broken by landing a Red Crystal, the automatic spins stop and you can again choose how to proceed.


The prizes on the ladder represent stake multipliers. Landing a Red Crystal the first time after an activation of a Golden Shield during a game round upgrades you to Advanced multipliers and these increases are applied to all yet to be achieved levels on the ladder. The levels on the ladder and their corresponding prizes on the paytable are:

Level 1 – 1.1x; Advanced - 1.1x

Level 2 – 1.46x; Advanced – 1.52x

Level 3 – 1.8x; Advanced – 2x

Level 4 – 2.44x; Advanced – 2.8x

Level 5 – 3.24x; Advanced – 3.62x

Level 6 – 4.52x; Advanced – 5.06x

Level 7 – 6.42x; Advanced – 7.22x

Level 8 – 9.04x; Advanced – 9.5x

Level 9 – 13.6x; Advanced – 14.46x

Level 10 – 19.4x; Advanced – 21.66x

Level 11 – 29.8x; Advanced – 32.5x

Level 12 – 48.8x; Advanced – 56x

Level 13 – 85x; Advanced – 95x

Level 14 – 145x; Advanced –158x

Level 15 – 280x; Advanced – 326x

Level 16 – 496x; Advanced – 690x

Level 17 – 1,090x; Advanced –1,360x

Level 18 – 2,620x; Advanced – 3,610x

Level 19 – 6,140x; Advanced – 9,920x

Level 20 – 18,000x; Advanced – 48,000x

Some values on the prize ladder might be shown rounded down to the second decimal place in case a result based on the current stake would yield a value with 3 or more decimal places.

When halving if the result would yield a value with 3 or more decimal places the game will follow the Round half up strategy.

For example: Тhe number 0.676 will result in 0.68. The number 0.674 will result in 0.67.

If the value is exactly half way it will be rounded up.

For example: 0.675 will result in 0.68


In order to define the Best Gamble Strategy for this game we need to break a game round into 3 possible scenarios:

1. You have not landed a Golden Shield:

If you have not landed a Golden Shield, the best strategy is to cash out after landing 9 Green Crystals.

If you decide not to adhere to the Best Gamble Strategy and choose to Continue after the 9th Green Crystal then it's best to keep on choosing to Continue and then Collect after the 12th Green Crystal has landed. If after the 12th Green Crystal you again decide to "Continue', then the Best Gamble strategy after each next Green Crystal up until the end is to "Collect".

2. You have already landed a Golden Shield and it has just been broken:

Choosing whether to Collect or Continue immediately after the deactivation of a Golden Shield depends on how many Green Crystals are left in play which is indicated above the reel:

19 Green Crystals - Continue.

18 Green Crystals - Collect.

17 Green Crystals - Continue.

16 Green Crystals - Continue.

15 Green Crystals - Continue.

14 Green Crystals - Continue.

13 Green Crystals - Collect.

12 Green Crystals - Continue.

11 Green Crystals - Collect.

10 Green Crystals - Collect.

9 Green Crystals - Continue.

8 Green Crystals - Continue.

7 Green Crystals - Collect.

6 Green Crystals - Continue.

5 Green Crystals - Continue.

4 Green Crystals - Collect.

3 Green Crystals - Collect.

2 Green Crystals - Collect.

1 Green Crystal - Collect

3. You have landed the Golden Shield and after it was broken you have chosen to Continue and have landed a Green Crystal:

The best strategy requires to Collect after a maximum of one Continue choice that has resulted in a Green Crystal after breaking the Golden Shield.

The RTP stated below is only achievable by playing with the best Gamble Strategy.


If the player loses connection to the game, closes the game or restarts the game before making a choice, the current game round will auto-complete by following the Best Gamble Strategy as described above.


Game Progress

Any progress features in the game, including symbols locked onto the reels which affect subsequent spins, are saved for your game at the stake level you are playing at.
You can have different progress levels at different stakes on the same game, and move between them by changing the stake.
If you are awarded free spins from a promotional campaign any progress in the main game including any locked symbols, will be saved and be available to continue playing at the same stake once the free spins have been completed.
Please note that this stateful game saves its state forever.

Total Stake

The Total Stake is the total of stakes per line. You can adjust it at any time, using the + or – buttons.

Spin the Reels

If you are playing on desktop, click the Spin button or press the spacebar to spin.


Press the AUTO button to commence automatic play of the game at the currently selected stake. Select how many spins to play via the Total Spins Dropdown menu.

More Autoplay settings

Select the loss limit: The Autoplay will stop at the last spin before the loss limit is reached. The Аutoplay loss limit should be higher than your stake.

Expand the AUTOPLAY dialog by choosing MORE AUTOPLAY SETTINGS. Here you can select additional criteria for the AUTOPLAY stop including - Stop if single win exceeds certain amount; Stop on Bonus Feature.

Jackpot Game

Win one of the offered jackpot tiers when three or more jackpot symbols appear on the reels or the jackpot is triggered by а game feature. The chances of winning a jackpot increase in correlation with the size of the stake played. Тhe jackpot is triggered randomly and can be won by playing any of the linked jackpot games. To win the jackpot, the player is not required to make any decision other than to spin the reels. The stake value cannot be changed during free spins. Internet connectivity issues may cause delays in jackpot messages or updates, but they do not affect actual jackpot wins. It is not possible for two players to win the same jackpot. In the event two jackpot winnings occur close to one another the jackpot will be assigned in their respective order. Due to connectivity issues the jackpot value displayed may differ from the effective jackpot value. The jackpot could be temporary deactivated, when this occurs all contributions are paused. The jackpot amount available upon reactivation will be the same as before the deactivation.

The rules for Jackpot discontinuation and Jackpot fund allocation are defined by each Operator at their own discretion.

Тhe Jackpot is funded by 3% of each stake.

Time Jackpot

The time jackpot is a progressive jackpot which is guaranteed to pay out before a set date and time. The prize pot grows with the contributions from the stake of each spin on a jackpot game, and the closer the prize pot gets to the advertised guaranteed latest payout time, the greater the odds of winning it. Оdds increase up to 100% when the guaranteed latest payout time is reached. Once the jackpot has been won, a new time jackpot will be made available and the process repeats with a new deadline for the next guaranteed payout. The jackpot can be triggered and won by a single spin from a single user only. This jackpot does not have a ceiling but must be won before the date and time specified. When the jackpot is won by another player, a notification appears in the jackpot panel. Once won, the amount is transferred directly to the user wallet, even if it is won during a bonus spin.

Daily Jackpot (time)

Current starting value is: €0, Next minimum starting value is: €0

General types of games

Check the pays menu in the game paytable if you are not sure of the game type.

The values related to each symbol, shown either on the slot scene or on the dedicated Symbol Wins pages of the Pays menu, represent stake multipliers and not credits.

The prize value from one payline is equal to the total stake pided by the number of paylines, multiplied by the symbol multiplier advertised in the paytable. Where multiple wins occur on multiple win lines, the total win values are summed. If more than one win occurs on the same payline, the largest win is paid. Each inpidual payline can pay only once per spin.

Example: Total stake is 2. Total paylines are 20. Symbol multiplier for length of 5 is 300. The win for 1 payline with this symbol and length would be calculated as such: 2 / 20 * 300 = 30.

The prize value from one payline in a Multiline game is equal to the stake multiplied by the symbol multiplier advertised in the paytable. Where multiple wins occur on multiple win lines, the total win values are summed. If more than one win occurs on the same payline, the largest win is paid.

Example: Stake is 2. Symbol multiplier for length of 5 is 20. The win for 1 payline with this symbol and length would be calculated as such: 2 * 20 = 40.

The prize value from one way or cluster in a Ways or Winning Clusters game is equal to the stake multiplied by the symbol multiplier advertised in the paytable. Where multiple wins occur on multiple ways or clusters, the total win values are summed.

Example: Total stake = 2. Symbol win multiplier = 2. Win = 2x2 = 4.

If there is a Scatter Symbol in the game, all wins will be paid in addition to any other symbol wins occurring on the same spin.

Please be aware that each account allows only a single game to be played at any one time. Therefore, a game should not be played on more than one device, or multiple games on the same device simultaneously. Doing so may lead to various errors.

For the best gaming experience, use of the latest version of software is recommended.
Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

The RTP is ≈ 93.05% which includes base game RTP and jackpot contribution.

The calculated max multiplier of the game is 48000.

Minimum stake: €0.10

Maximum stake: €4

Last modification date: 8/1/2023