Battle Royale


  • Battle Royale is a unique real money fantasy Role Playing Game where battles are fought with a team of 5 heroes. 
  • Team formations are set before battles and affect chances to win and wins size. 
  • Battles are won by defeating enemies. 
  • To defeat an enemy, attack it and reduce its health bar to 0. 


  • During the battle, each hero gets random cards with Mana strength, which reduce enemy's health accordingly (a 3 Mana card reduces 3 health points, etc.). 
  • In each battle, each hero fights only the enemy opposing him. 
  • Each time the hero hits the enemy a prize is gained, but collected only if the enemy is defeated. 
  • If a hero loses, their accumulated prizes are lost. 
  • When a hero receives the skull card, it's the enemy's turn to attack and the battle is lost. 
  • Battle is over once all heroes either win or lose and only then winnings are collected. 
  • Once a battle is over, all heroes are ready for the next. 
  • Special features are triggered randomly when a hero gets a special ability card. The theoretical 'Return to Player' of the game (RTP) is 94.65%. 


  • Set bet amount (coins per bet: 100). 
  • Press the “Play” button to start. 
  • Battle starts and playing cards are dealt for each hero. 
  • Battle is over once all heroes either win or lose. 
  • Press Game Mode button to toggle between regular or fast mode game. 
  • Press a hero card to see additional hero information. 
  • You can select your heroes' formation (predefined or manually) when this feature becomes available as you progress in the game. 
  • You can select your island when this feature becomes available as you progress in the game. 


Boss Fight

  • Triggered when the bonus card in the Forest Island is received (dealt randomly). 
  • Boss dragon is the enemy. 
  • All heroes unite their forces and try to defeat the dragon. 
  • Mana cards reduce its health accordingly. 
  • When a hero receives a skull card, the dragon attacks and eliminates the hero. 
  • The boss fight ends with the dragon's or all heroes' defeat. 
  • All wins are collected with the dragon's defeat. 
  • All heroes formations have the same chance to defeat the dragon. 

The Villains' wave

  • Triggered when the bonus card in the Swamp Island is received (dealt randomly). 
  • The magical crossbow pops up from the swamp, helps you eliminate all enemies in the battle and all heroes retreat to safety. 
  • Fight increasingly stronger waves of enemies for increasingly higher winnings multipliers. You get 15 arrows for each wave. If all 5 enemies are defeated during the wave, you'll start the next wave. 
  • There are up to 5 waves. 
  • All wins are accumulated. 
  • The bonus round ends once arrows run out or all 5 waves are cleared. 

Free battles

  • Triggered when the bonus card in the Desert Island is received (dealt randomly) and grants 5 free battles. 
  • During each Free battle a treasure card is received granting an additional prize. 

Lava stones pick

  • Triggered when the bonus card in the Volcano Island is received. 
  • In the bonus screen, pick as many lava stones as possible. 
  • The bonus round ends when the player collects a multiplier stone. Then, the accumulated prizes are multiplied. 
  • The bonus feature wins are added to the battle wins and granted to the player once the bonus feature ends. 

Treasure Island event

  • Treasure Island opens every 12 hours and for 20 battles only. 
  • Extra 25% are added to all prizes won in Treasure Island during the event. Collecting the Magic Stone card grants the game's grand prize 


  • Teams of 5 heroes help you protect the island world. 
  • There are 15 heroes in the game. You start with 5 and get more later on. 
  • Sometimes a new hero card will appear when a battle ends and will join your heroes inventory. Heroes are divided into three groups, each marked by the bottom bar color of the hero’s card as follows: 
  • Green: (soft; low volatility) Good chances of winning. Grants small to medium prizes. 
  • Blue: (mild; medium volatility) Average chances of winning. Grants small to big prizes. 
  • Red: (hard; high volatility) Lower chances of winning. Grants medium to huge prizes.  
  • Heroes differ by their chances of winning a battle and by their prize potential. 
  • There are 6 predefined formations to choose from. 
  • A formation is unlocked when its heroes are collected. 
  • After collecting 11 heroes, personal teams can be created manually, by using the ‘Man Pick’ button in the heroes screen. 
  • Bonus feature chances and the theoretical 'Return to Player' of the game (RTP) are the same for all teams. 


  • There are 5 islands, each has its own unique bonus feature. 
  • The game starts with only the Forest Island available. 
  • Unlock other islands by collecting island stones. Each island has its own unique stone. 
  • Once enough stones are collected, the relevant island will open. 
  • The Treasure Island is exceptional, and opens every 12 hours for 20 battles only. 


  • Islands button - opens the islands screen. Heroes button - opens the heroes screen. 
  • Game Mode button - toggles between regular or fast mode game. 
  • In the Islands screen: 
  • Islands select buttons - navigates to the selected island. 
  • In the Heroes screen: 
  • Teams formation button - modify teams. 
  • Battle button - confirms the selected team formation and navigate to the main screen. 
  • Battle Performance bars - shows the selected team's formation winnings and payout potential. 
  • Man pick button - opens the heroes' manual team formation selection. Hero cards – open heroes' info page. 


Due to the nature of the game’s communications medium, players may experience interruptions, delays or a termination of gameplay, in which the game will recover to the last known state. Should a disconnection occur after a bet has been placed but before the current game was completed, the next game session will commence at the start of the game that was interrupted. Any malfunction in the game voids all payouts.]

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