Bonus Poker Deluxe

About Bonus Poker Deluxe 

Bonus Poker Deluxe is played with one standard deck of 52 playing cards that is shuffled before each game.

This game:

  • Follows the standard rules of video poker.
  • Has no wild cards.
  • Has a Double feature. 
  • Has a maximum payout of 4 000 coins.
  • Has high payouts for the Four of a Kind combination.

Game Payouts

All figures in the game payout table show the number of coins that are won for each combination. The number of credits won depend on the coin size you bet. 

Double Feature

The object of the Double feature is to draw a card of higher value than the dealer's card.

You can continue Doubling until you draw a card of lesser value than the dealer's card and lose the hand, or until you reach the Casino Doubling Limit.

If you win a hand in the game and want to double:

  • Click Double. Five new cards are dealt, and the dealer's card is turned face-up.
  • Select any one of the four remaining face-down cards. All four cards are turned faceup to reveal their values and the card you selected is highlighted.
    • If your card is of a higher value than the dealer's, you win double your original payout and can choose to double again or collect your winnings.
    • If your card is of equal value to the dealer's, it is a tie and your win amount remains the same. You can then choose to play again or collect your winnings.
    • If your card is of a lesser value than the dealer's, the Doubling feature is over. You are returned to the Poker game and can continue to play a new hand.

following occurs:

Poker Hands

Winning hands pay out according to their hand ranking.

Hand Rankings from Highest to Lowest

Royal Flush

Four of a Kind

Straight Flush

Full House



Three of a Kind

Two Pairs

Jacks or Better

Playing the game

The objective of the game is to complete each play hand with the strongest poker hand possible. The payout on each play hand is dependent on the hand ranking, as shown in the game payouts.

If your play hand wins, you can increase your winnings by playing the Double feature.

To play:

  • Place a bet. How?
    • Click Increase (+) or Decrease (-) to select the coin size you want to bet.
    • Click the payout table to select the number of coins you want to bet.
    • To increase the number of coins you want to bet, click Bet One.
    • To bet the maximum number of coins permitted, click Bet Max. The number of coins bet increases to the maximum and the game automatically starts playing.
  • Click Deal. A decision hand of five cards is dealt to you, face-up.
  • Select the cards you want to hold. How?
    • Click a card to select it. They are marked as Held.
    • To de-select a card, click it again.
  • Click Draw. The cards you did not hold are replaced with new cards from the deck.
  • Your hand is assessed.
    • If any play hand is a winning poker hand, the win is highlighted on the payout table. You can either:
    • Double

Click Double. This starts the Double feature.

    • Collect

Click Collect. This ends your game. You are paid out the win amount as  displayed in the Win box.

    • If you do not have a winning hand, the game is over and you can play again.

Game Options

You can change your game play and sound settings. The options are:

  • Speed Settings

Displays the deal speed options. You can set the game to play Slow, Medium, Fast or Fastest.

  • Sound Settings

Displays the sound options.

  • Other Settings
  • Allow Double

Enables or disables the Doubling option.

  • Auto Hold

Enables or disables the automatic hold option. The Auto Hold function makes the hold decisions based on the Optimal Play Strategy.

To change the game options:

  • Click Options.
  • Choose the required settings.
  • Click OK.

Game Statistics

Game Statistics enable you to view information about your current game session.

Statistics only apply to the current game session. When you exit the game, the statistics reset to zero.

You can view the number of hands played, the percentage of winning hand combinations and what the winning combinations were. The statistics are:

  • General
  • Hand Results

Displays the number of hands played during the current game session.

  • Highest Wins

Displays the highest three win amounts during the current game session.

  • Win Summary
  • Hand Names

Displays all the hand combinations available in the game.

  • Number of Hands

Displays the number of times each hand combination was dealt during the current game session.

  • Percentage

Displays the percentage of each hand combination dealt during the current game session.

  • Optimal Play
  • Hint Summary

Displays the total number of hands played and how many hints were displayed in the current game session. This is displayed as a percentage of the number of times the hints was not shown, while the hints feature was active.

  • Hands Correct

Displays how many hands were played according to the Optimal Play Strategy.

  • Optimal Play Expected Return

Displays the best expected return of credits that can be achieved according to the cards dealt.

  • Your Play Expected Return

Displays the expected return of credits according to the cards dealt and the hold decision made by you.

  • Credit Difference

Displays the difference between the Optimal Play Expected Return and Your Play Expected Return. The results are displayed in credits.

To view game statistics:

  • Click Statistics (%).
  • View your current game play statistics. 
  • Click OK.

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