Golden Boot

How to Play

  • The football game where your skill at scoring goals, scores cash!
  • Select how many balls to play at a time, and the bet per ball.
  • Even balls that miss the goal can score when you win extra bonus balls by turning on the side pitch lights.
  • Some balls will go into the goal - others will be captured by a striker. Tap the player to release the ball when he's pointing in the right direction.
  • Score to win cash!


  • Select which team you wish to play as by moving between the 32 flags.
  • To choose a different team, wait until you have no balls in play (all balls and skillshots have been completed), then press the shirt icon button in the settings and return to the team selection screen.

To Bet

  • Select how many balls to play by using "+" and "-" buttons on either side. Select your bet per ball by using the "+" and "-" buttons.
  • Your prize will be a multiple of your bet, based on the paytable below. If you do not score with a particular ball, you will lose your stake.

To Play

  • Press the central button to place your bet and release your balls.
  • The balls will bounce between the pins on the pitch.
  • Some balls will be captured by 'striking' players, who are then surrounded by a small arc with a directional arrow. You can then tap the player to release the ball when the arrow is pointing in the direction where you wish to shoot.
  • Skillshots will not disappear when you buy new balls, you can take these shots at anytime.
  • If your skillshot goes into the goal, you'll see a message with the amount won. If your skillshot doesn't go into the goal you'll see a 'MISS'. Note that skillshots which miss will not trigger the LED lights.
  • Prizes will be selected randomly from the pay table below whenever a goal is scored by normal/gold balls. Gold balls offer bigger prizes than normal balls.

Ball Counter

The number of balls you have purchased will appear in the ball counter. This will go down once balls leave the game or become skillshots. The counter will go up if you buy more balls or if you are awarded free balls.

You can purchase up to a maximum of 100 balls at a time. Free balls will be added to your ball counter when they are awarded and are in addition to the maximum of 100.

Free Balls

On each side of the goal are three LED displays. When a losing ball passes through, it will switch the LED on. A second ball passing through the same screen will switch it off. The LEDs are not reset when you purchase more balls at the same bet size, so the outcome of the LEDs from each batch of balls is affected by the previous batches.

Free Balls are triggered when the 3 LED displays on one side are switched on at the same time. The number of balls may be 5, 10 or 20. When a player is playing multiple bet amounts, the LEDs will be reset.

Chance and Skill

Golden Boot is a primarily chance-based game. Whether a ball is a prize ball or not depends upon the game's Random Number Generator (RNG). Some balls will automatically reach the goal. However, a number of the prize balls require a skill shot on the part of the player. Thus, a player who plays with perfect skill will outperform a player who makes mistakes.


If you do not wish to use skill, you can select the 'autoshoot' feature. The autoshoot feature works at 90% skill. That is, 90 times out of 100, the game will ensure the ball reaches the goal, but occasionally, 10 in 100 times, the ball will miss. This feature determines a score or miss using an RNG.

If you allow more than 9 skillshots to accumulate on a single player, Autoshoot will turn on and play shots for you, until there are 9 skillshots queued.

You can switch autoshoot on or off at any time.


You can view the results of each bet in the results overlay. Access this by pressing the bottom bar. Once each game ID has completed (this includes all related skillshots and bonus balls) the results for each ball purchased in that bet will be displayed. You can also see the amount won from bonus balls for each bet. Tap the top of the overlay to collapse it once more. You can access the overlay at any time and play will not pause.

Return to Player

The Return to Player is the average amount returned to a player over time, depending on skill level.

RTP (100% skill): 99.00%
RTP (90% skill): 93.78% Autoshoot
RTP (75% skill): 85.95%
RTP (50% skill): 72.90%
RTP (0% skill): 46.80%


Each winning ball will have a prize amount as selected by the Random Number Generator. More valuable prizes are indicated as 'gold' balls, prize tiers up to 5 x your stake are normal balls. When a ball goes into the goal - the value of the win will be shown as an animation and the amount added to the balance and the win amount in the bottom bar.

x500 Gold
x100 Gold
x50 Gold
x25 Gold
x20 Gold
x10 Gold
x5 Normal
x4 Normal
x3 Normal
x2 Normal
x1 Normal

Win Rate: 1 in 3.9

Interrupted Play

We know that internet connections can sometimes be unreliable or something can interrupt the game. We try to make this as fair as possible to you. For example, if you run out of battery while playing or you've reached your personal daily time limit, when you return, any winning balls will have been credited to your account (including from any bonus balls). However, any skillshots will be waiting for you to play them.

These will be available to play for 24 hours. After that time, any skillshots will be played for you using the Auto feature - with a 90% skill rate - and any resulting wins will be added to your account at that point.

Gaming System Malfunction

The Operator reserves the right to withhold winnings and void wagers if a Player manipulates the games in a fraudulent manner or the Gaming System itself malfunctions. The definition of such a malfunction extends to an error in the published odds or pay tables, or a game not working in accordance with its published rules.

The maximum win from a single game is £250,000

Last modification date: 1/31/2023