General Information


We host 1000s of casino games, from multiple providers.Games vary from Slots, Instant Wins, Blackjack, Roulette to Jackpots plus many more. Although a diverse selection to choose from, Players can be assured of detailed, in-game instructions which they will be able to access easily at any stage of play.

In-game instructions:

All in-game instructions will give clear details of:

  • how to play and interact with the game;
  • the applicable rules;
  • the pay table, or details of what constitutes a winning outcome;
  • progressive jackpots, if applicable; and
  • the expected return to player (RTP).

Accessing in-game instructions:

Casino games can only be accessed by Players who are logged into their account. 

Once inside the game, a Player can view the in-game instructions by clicking on the available help icon.  Icons do vary depending on provider, example icons as follows: 

 Burger1    Info2   Question3   Settings4  Arrow5

The first page will usually be a pay-table similar to the image below, along with details of the RTP. 

A Player will then be able to navigate through the in-game instructions to see further details of any bonuses or in-game features.  Navigation will differ depending on provider, for example, a Player may only need to scroll through the pages, or they may need to click on arrows to move to the next page. 

To close the in-game instructions, click/tap on the 'X' or similar symbol.

 Game Rules Screenshot